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  • 350+ matches were played across 14 titles with 3,300+ total participants
  • Alpha Esports crowned overall best clan with Noob Alliance in 2nd place and Phoenix GaminG in 3rd
  • Maximum eSports wins highest participation award with 429 registered players
  • Noob Alliance takes 1st place in medal performance with 2 golds and 2 silvers
  • Alpha Esports earns 1st for best clan performance in mobile games
  • Maximum eSports wins 1st place for clan performance based on PC/Console games
  • Many top teams continued their reign as undefeated champions in their titles
  • Some challengers were able to take the #1 spot from some of the best teams


The Dell Singer Online Esports Showdown 2021 by Gamer.LK successfully concluded on 8th June 2021, with 350+ matches played across 14 game titles and a total of 3,300+ registered participants. By the end of Showdown 2021, Alpha Esports was crowned the overall best clan with the most points, with Noob Alliance in 2nd and Phoenix GaminG taking 3rd. Maximum eSports won the award for the clan with the highest clan participation across both mobile and PC/Console games, with 429 players. 2nd place was taken by Alpha Esports, with Wolfgang e-Sports in 3rd. In terms of medal performance, Noob Alliance was the winner, with 2 golds and 2 silvers to their name, while Phoenix GaminG was in 2nd with 2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze, and Alpha Esports in 3rd with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. Alpha Esports won their 2nd clan award by taking 1st place for best clan performance in the mobile games titles, with Noob Alliance in 2nd and Phoenix GaminG in 3rd. Maximum eSports also won the best clan performance based on PC/Console games, with Phoenix GaminG in 2nd and Wolfgang e-Sports in 3rd.

Alpha Esports’ win at Showdown was due to their stellar performance at the 2 most competitive games at the event. They placed 1st in PUBG Mobile which had the highest registered participants with over 900+ players for the tournament. They also managed to secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Free Fire, which had the 2nd highest participation rate with 500+ players.

Throughout the tournament there were many action-packed matches, with the best teams/players in Sri Lanka fighting for the top spot. This was because the majority of the games played in the tournament were ranked matches, meaning the national rankings for some of these teams/players were on the line, and the bragging rights as the best team/player in Sri Lanka. Many of the top teams/players were able to keep their spot as the best in the country, such as; Sara Kollo in DOTA 2, EXT – L2K in Rainbow Six Siege, nA – THE×MØB in Call of Duty Mobile and M-eS – Team IWNL in Call of Duty 4. However, there were a fair share of upsets, with the #1 teams/players losing out to challengers who fought for the top spot.

One example of this is, PnX – Noob kINg in Clash Royale, who beat the #3 and #2 best Clash Royale players in the country all the way to the grand finals. Here, he had to face off against the current #1, who he defeated 3 – 0 to win the tournament and the title as the #1 best Clash Royale player in Sri Lanka. Similarly, AE – SLG managed to outplay some of the top PUBG Mobile squads in the country in order to take home 1st place for their clan.

Noob Alliance’s team Vanguard also put up an amazing performance in the League of Legends finals, against their rivals PnX BLACK, who had bested them the last time they fought at the Dell Gaming Academy Face-Off. However, this time nA – Vanguard pulled through and won 1st place and managed to move from the 4th best team in the country to the current #1 League of Legends team in Sri Lanka.

During the Valorant event at Showdown, the tournament favourite and #1 Valorant team in the country, UG – ZeGG e-Sports lost in a BO1 against EvoX – Team Tenacity at the quarterfinals. This allowed the current #3 best team in the country, WG – GunSlingerS the opportunity to nab the 1st place title by going 2 – 0 in both the semifinals and the grand finals against M-eS – Revolutionary Gamers.

The current king of Sri Lanka eFootball, nA – SID also had a tough time during the competition. During the upper bracket semifinals, nA – SID lost to PnX – Dumin, which forced him into the lower bracket. However, he fought his way through the lower bracket finals against PnX – Dishan, in order for a shot at redemption in the grand finals. Although his opponent was PnX – Dumin, who had knocked him into the lower bracket, and keeping the win streak going, PnX – Dumin beat the #1 best player, and took the crown as the top eFootballer in Sri Lanka.


Winners at the Dell Singer Online Esports Showdown 2021 by Gamer.LK


Call of Duty 4 5v5

1st Place: M-eS – IWNL
2nd Place: TM – phat
3rd Place: M-eS – Team iNsPIRE


Call of Duty Mobile 5v5

1st Place: nA – THE×MØB
2nd Place: M-eS – The Rebelz
3rd Place: WG – YounAmeUs


Clash Royale 1v1

1st Place: PnX – Noob kINg
2nd Place: M-eS – Dimithre
3rd Place: PnX – Exit


DOTA 2 5v5

1st Place: Sara Kollo
2nd Place: LGN – Solan Esports
3rd Place: WG – Aathal Gaming


eFootball (FIFA 21′) 1v1

1st Place: PnX – Dumin
2nd Place: nA – SID
3rd Place: PnX – Dishan


eRacer (Assetto Corsa) Race

1st Place: Andrew ‘BRAKEL8’ Sean
2nd Place: FawzulAleem ‘ZeeNic’ AbulHassan
3rd Place: Lahiru ‘Laiya’ Dananjaya


Free Fire 5v5 Squad Battle Royale

1st Place: AE – Negu SL
2nd Place: AE – SL Riderz 98
3rd Place: AE – Dark Ghost A


League of Legends 5v5

1st Place: nA – Vanguard
2nd Place: PnX – BLACK
3rd Place: PnX – Hottest Pink


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5v5

1st Place: TM – Death Brigade SL
2nd Place: WG – IDK GAMING
3rd Place: PnX – Vipers


PUBG Mobile Squad Battle Royale

1st Place: AE – SLG
2nd Place: nA – FRag CodeBlacks
3rd Place: WG – NRC Esports


PUBG PC Solo Battle Royale

1st Place: Mahesh ‘Im_babi’ Bawantha
2nd Place: Gihan ‘AEX77A’ Krox
3rd Place: Pradeep ‘NIGHTMARE_PB’ Bandara


Rainbow Six Siege 5v5

1st Place: EXT – L2K
2nd Place: UG – Academy
3rd Place: TM – Team RAiNBOW


Real Cricket 20′ 1v1

1st Place: Kingston Fernando
2nd Place: Arosha Maduranga
3rd Place: Ibrahim Sharaff


Valorant 5v5

1st Place: WG – GunSlingerS
2nd Place: M-eS – Revolutionary Gamers
3rd Place: Crash Landin On You


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