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It has been 11 years since Gamer.LK launched in 2007. It’s been an amazing decade of eSports and digital entertainment, and we’ve had a so much fun bringing you all these activities and tournaments that have grown into their own mega-events over the years.

Gamer.LK has functioned as a hobby for a majority of its existence, with dedicated and passionate volunteers putting in hours and hours of hard work to bring you events like SLCG. With the scene growing bigger every year, Gamer.LK started a new chapter in our history when we brought on some full-time talent. These guys have been the most hard working, dedicated and passionate members of the community who have been there from the start. Ramesh “RL” Liyanage and Vikum “Scooby” Jayasekera have provided leadership to a new age of hyper-growth for eSports in Sri Lanka, and the future of eSports has never looked better.

Last year we celebrated 10 years of Gamer.LK with the introduction of Play Expo – Sri Lanka’s largest digital entertainment exhibition The event features SLCG and Comic Expo as the main two highlights of the event. Play Expo has been one of Gamer.LK’s biggest accomplishments to date, settings records with the highest number of participation for eSports and Cosplay in Sri Lanka.

Gamer.LK continues to take Sri Lankan eSports talent to the international scene with new partnerships. The Sri Lanka eSports Association is a member of the International eSports Federation as well as new members of the Asian eSports Federation. We are discussing new partnerships with international brands to showcase local talent internationally. We also gave plans to take our events global.

With eSports increasingly being recognised as a legitimate sport in international events (e.g. by the Olympic Committee of Asia etc), Gamer.LK is laying the foundation to ready Sri Lanka for the eSports boom that will be happening in the coming years. Together, we can put Sri Lanka on the map for eSports!

We would like to thank each and every staff member, past and present, who has contributed and shaped Gamer.LK into what it is today. The attitude and culture of GLK has been shaped by the passion that you’ll have shown – at LAN events, online leagues or just promoting eSports in general. We would also like to thank the community who keeps us on our toes – constantly giving us feedback and guiding us on our journey forward. You’ll are the reason we do what we do, with the intensity that we show. Keep being awesome, and keep the feedback coming.

Here’s to another decade of Gamer.LK!