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  • Qualifier weekend 3 to begin this Saturday (20th March)
  • Winners of the Qualifiers to move onto the National Finals.
  • Teams moving on to the National Finals- Purple Overkill & team ThrowDeiyo

With the Qualifier Weekend 1 & 2 rounding up last week, team Purple Overkill and team ThrowDeiyo have qualified to take part in the National Finals, filling out 2 of the 4 available spots. 1 of the 2 remaining teams yet to join them in the national finals are to be decided this weekend (20th March) at the 3rd weekend qualifier, with the 4th and final team to be decided next weekend (27th March).

The 4 teams that qualify will be taking part in the National Finals starting on April 3rd, with the winner of the finals earning a chance to compete in the World Finals.


Teams that have qualified for the National finals so far:


PURPLE OVERKILL (from qualifier 1)

  • D3XTAR#1999
  • BADGoviz98#NA
  • F3ITAN#6969
  • HAWKS#123
  • Klouds#024

TEAM THROWDEIY (from qualifier 2)

  • SlapSpeaR#SPSR
  • Tipsy007#994
  • ZinG#7655
  • AlchemisT#SMURF

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