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Tekken 7

Gamer.LK Competitive Rules

Last modified: 01 October 2020

This page contains the game-specific rules for Gamer.LK Tekken 7 tournaments. These rules must be followed in conjunction with the General Competitive Rules of Gamer.LK Ranked Tournaments.

The General Competitive Rules can be found here. The general rules listed there apply to all gaming titles and all teams/players who register for any Gamer.LK Competitive tournament are expected to follow them.
The tournament bracket used (single elimination/double elimination/group stage) will be decided by the Organizer and announced on the Tournament Announcement posted on Gamer.LK. Gamer.LK will make every effort to have the most fair bracket but depending on time constraints this may change at the discretion of the Gamer.LK Staff. The Gamer.LK Ranking system will be used for the purpose of seeding to make the draws as and when needed. No other ranking will be considered.


2.1. By submitting a registration for a Gamer.LK Tekken 7 tournament, all players acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules set herein and especially with the decisions made by the Gamer.LK Staff.

2.2. All competitors are expected to know and understand all the rules described here. Not knowing that a rule existed or that it was in place will not be considered as an acceptable reason for breaking said rule.

2.3. A player’s name, icon, profile picture or logo may not contain any of the following: profanities, obscene language, gang affiliation, drugs, sexual material, offensive material, slander of Gamer.LK or it’s administration, partners or sponsors.


3.1.  Match
A match consists of sets of rounds being won. The number of sets per match will be informed by the the Tournament Staff.

3.2.  Set
A set consists of three (3) rounds being won.

3.3.  Round
Winning a round means exhausting the opposing energy bar once.


4.1.  Platform
Sony Playstation 4.

4.2.  Controller
Participants can use their personal controllers.
342.1. – At offline (LAN) events, personal controllers shall be reviewed and approved by the Tournament Staff.
4.2.2. – Macro functions (eg: turbo buttons) are not permitted.
4.2.3. – At offline (LAN) events, only referees can pair controllers to prevent any accidental match disruptions; participants must unpair their controllers after the match series is over.

4.3.  Communication
4.3.1. – During a match, the participants are only allowed to communicate with their opponent and the referee about matters concerning the match itself. 
4.3.2. – Between sets, the participants are allowed to talk to their team members, coach and manager for a maximum of 1 minute.


4.1.  Abuses & Exploitation
Exploiting game or map bugs/glitches/flaws (“exploits”) for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is prohibited. Exploits that are not specifically named here are still prohibited but will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Gamer.LK Staff reserve the right to decide what will be deemed as an exploit or abuse.

4.2.  Impersonations
Impersonating an eligible player by attempting to alias as them, using their gaming account or by any other method is prohibited and will result in the aliasing player and the player they are aliasing as being removed from the tournament.


5.1.  Mode
VS mode

5.2.  Rounds
According to the number defined above

5.3.  Time limit
60 seconds

5.4.  Stage

5.5.  Character choice
5.5.1. – All characters within the game are allowed.
5.5.2. – Custom skins on the characters are not allowed.

5.6.  Ties
5.6.1. – After 60 seconds have passed the player with the most energy left in their health bar wins the round.
5.6.2. – If the set ends in a double K.O. in the final round, a new game will be started with just one round. These games will be continued to be played until a winner is found.

5.7. Set Loss
If a player loses a set they may change their character if they wish and may request the stage to be changed as well. The stage decision remains random.


6.1.  Participants are permitted to pause the game in case of a technical issue or if an outside factor disrupts the match.

6.2.  The participant who initiated the pause must immediately inform both their opponent and the referee what the reason for the pause is. Participants are not allowed to communicate with anybody else during the pause.

6.3.  The game may be unpaused only when both participants and the referee agree to it.

6.4.  If a participant accidentally pauses the game by either pressing the start button or unplugging their or their opponent’s controller, the participant who paused forfeits the current round.


The following tiebreaker mechanism shall break ties:

7.1.  Head to head result – or, if not possible, then;
7.2.  Point differential overall (Round win gives 1 point, round loss gives -1 point) or, if not possible, then;
7.3.  In the case of three or more participants being tied after the first two steps, a series of round-robin rematches will be played until the correct amount of participants remain.

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