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Wedding! The bride in a luxurious white dress, and the groom in an elegant black suit leads her to a decorated car ... Young samples, exchange rings, the first glass of champagne. The toasts are heard for the happiness of young.

What a wedding without repurchase of the bride. After all, this moment still remains one of the most interesting from which the holiday begins. Therefore, the script of the ransom of the bride should be as original as possible. It is better that not only the witness, but also the groom himself, in order to redeem the bride. When choosing tasks that will be offered to the bridegroom, be sure to consider its characteristics. But the groom should be ready for all surprises. I try to stretch the ransom ceremony. Sufficient will be 15-20 minutes.

Any wedding, urban or rural, permeated by tradition. Wedding celebration is also a tradition. Each wedding has its own script. After all, it turns out very fun when something is preparing in advance, and then everything is shown. This is the entire charm of surprise for guests. Guests do not even guess what awaits them at the wedding. The more such surprises, the unforgettable, colorful and bright will remain in the memory of young and guest guests. And so that everything has passed the fun and best way to create a wedding scenario. Any event should have a professional production, so it is better to entrust such an important thing to a specialist. There is no doubt that all the main points of the scenario must be coordinated with the bride and the bridegroom, so that they have an idea of ​​the upcoming event. But you can hone something from them - surprises should be not only for guests. Also all games, contests, music must match the age and interests of the guests. Better, if you prepare not a solid scenario, but a selection of different scenes. This is done in order for the presenter to choose and offer to the guests what will be the most acceptable in this or that time of the holiday. Do not forget about the children who will be with their parents. So that they were not bored, come up with several simple contests for them, drinking classes or a small concert. Then adults can be calm that their child in business.

It is important not only to start beautifully, but also beautifully finish the wedding celebration. Not very bright start in memory guests will turn over brighter memories of later minutes. Try to make your holiday memorable, interesting and solemn. Visit our website https://freespinspromo.com and get exclusive sign up free spins and no deposit real money bonuses
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