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Celebrating Women in Esports

The Women’s Cyber Games Esports Championship is organised by Gamer.LK in March annually to coincide with  the International Women’s Day as a celebration of Sri Lankan women in Esports. The event conceived by Gamer.LK with the aim of promoting equal gender representation in Esports, was first held in 2019 and returns for the fourth consecutive year to empower more female Esports athletes to take up the sport and #BreakTheBias.

With Sri Lanka going through social distancing regulations and physical events being restricted, Esports continues stronger than ever due to its remotely accessible nature. Compatible with the social distancing requirement to battle the COVID-19 spread, Esports has seen a boom in participation and interest in Sri Lanka. 

Gamer.LK’s Women’s Cyber Games – Online 2022
The tournament will be held entirely online with 11 game titles being open for registration. Registration is completely free of charge.

Players will face off against other players by themselves

Clash Royale

  Mobile   1 v 1

Call of Duty 4

PC   Free for all

Call of Duty Mobile

Mobile   Solo Battleroyale

Dota 2

PC   1 v 1

Free Fire

Mobile   Solo Battleroyale

League of Legends

PC   1 v 1

Mario Kart Tour

Mobile   Race

PUBG Mobile

Mobile   Solo Battleroyale

Real Cricket

Mobile   1 v 1


PC   Deathmatch


Players should play as a team to take part in these games

Mobile Legends

Mobile   5 v 5

NOTE: Make sure to read through all the rules when registering for the tournament. You will be taken to the InGame Esports platform to register in a new window.