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  • University of Moratuwa takes home 1st place at IUEC 2021
  • 2nd and 3rd place finishes go to NSBM and IIT respectively
  • Over 1,100 registered participants from 80 universities
  • 170+ matches played across 16 different game titles

The 7th annual Inter-University Esports Championship (IUEC) by Gamer.LK and powered by Softlogic & the Dell Gaming Academy, concluded last month (July 2021) after some intense university-level Esports action. IUEC 2021 brought in more players than last year with over 1,100 registered participants from across 80 different universities and higher education institutions. This is the 2nd year that IUEC was held online fully due to the pandemic situation, but managed to nearly double its registered player numbers. This year’s IUEC also consisted of 170+ matches, which were played across 16 game titles spanning PC, console and mobile.

From all the universities which participated, only 1 was able to take home the title of IUEC ‘21 Champions – the University of Moratuwa. UOM managed to earn 5 medals (3 gold, 2 silver) throughout the entire competition, thanks to their lineup of amazing players. Sachin ‘SID’ Dematapitiya, won 2 gold medals for UOM in FIFA ‘21 and Real Cricket, while Team Mora Bot Killers took gold for MLBB. While Dilshan “JP.MONTY” Gihan and Kaumini “PIK4CHU” Gunasinghe brought home silver medals in Call of Duty Mobile and Mario Kart Tour respectively. The National School of Business Management (NSBM) took the 2nd place finish, with 1 silver medal shy of beating UOM, while the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) finished in 3rd.


Winner at Gamer.LK’s Inter-University Esports Championship 2021
Call of Duty 4 Winners:

1st Place – NSBM
2nd Place – ICBT
3rd Place – Zeus from KDU


Call of Duty Mobile Winners:

1st Place – Thamal “Silver Shadow” Hewawaduge from KDU
2nd Place – Dilshan “JP.MONTY” Gihan from UOM
3rd Place – Isuru “iZZY_YT” Ranaweera from SLIIT


Clash Royale Winners:

1st Place – Avishka Hashenu from SLIIT
2nd Place – Tharusha “thor” Weerasekara from NCHS
3rd Place – Mohammad Atheef from WUSL


DOTA 2 Winners:

1st Place – The Resistance Reborn from NSBM
2nd Place – Unnath 1 Malath 1 from ICBT
3rd Place – Team NSBM FTW from NSBM


eFootball (FIFA ’21) Winners:

1st Place – Sachin ‘SID’ Dematapitiya from UOM
2nd Place – Harirajan from SLIIT
3rd Place – Dumin from BCAS


eRacer (Assetto Corsa) Winners:

1st Place – Vihaga “Oluka” Ranasinghe from ESOFT
2nd Place – Sayuru Oshara from NIBM
3rd Place – Aqeel “Dennis69” Sirraj from IIT


Free Fire Winners:

1st Place – Yasiru “HB YASA” Yugantha from UOK
2nd Place – Chathura “NOVA VONKA” Madushanka from SEUSL
3rd Place – Prasanth “OP MR PRASA” sivanesarasa from UOR


League of Legends Winners:

1st Place – Ohm Wreckers from IIT
2nd Place – SIR FAIL MALLI from SLIIT
3rd Place – Dan Sapada from NSBM


Mario Kart Tour Winners:

1st Place – Dulanjith Ranasinghe from CINEC
2nd Place – Kaumini “PIK4CHU” Gunasinghe from UOM
3rd Place – Piyumi Wasana Dias from UVT


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Winners:

1st Place – Team Mora Bot Killers from UOM
2nd Place – Pandemic from UOC
3rd Place – Bravos from UOK


PUBG Mobile Winners:

1st Place – Udani “ELZA” Jananika from NSBM
2nd Place – Shehan “BESA” Dinusha from NSBM
3rd Place – Harindu “NRC | AMARÉ” Amaratunga from KDU


Rainbow Six Siege Winners:

1st Place – 404.exe from NIBM
2nd Place – Team ACBT Colombo from ACBT
3rd Place – Team Pokerface from SLIIT


Real Cricket Winners:

1st Place – Sachin ‘SID’ Dematapitiya from UOM
2nd Place – Sineth from UOC
3rd Place – Soap from NIBM


Rocket League Winners:

1st Place – Kaveisha “Suspishion” Gunawardhene from RIC
2nd Place – Bawantha “Bawwaa ” Dissanayake from KDU
3rd Place – Ridhwan “Redvan” Mansoor from RIC


Valorant Winners:

1st Place – Team IIT from IIT
2nd Place – Purple Overkill from SLIIT
3rd Place – Team ACBT from ACBT


Gamer.LK’s Inter-University Esports Championship ‘21 was powered by Softlogic & the Dell Gaming Academy, with Samsung Sri Lanka as the official Smartphone Partner and Redbull Sri Lanka stepping up to energize the championship.

Be sure to stay tuned to Gamer.LK’s website and social media for updates about future events and Esports news.

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