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Team M-eS DX Generation from Maximum Esports walk away with Rs. 15,000 in winnings after placing first @ The Perera & Sons CODM Series. Teams nA Teetotalers and WG x NGSL finish in 2nd and 3rd respectively earning their shares of the Rs. 25,000 prize put up for CODM.

1st Place: M-eS DX Generation
Gihan “Witcher” Silva
Shabith “Kinzu” Sham
Mohamed “XtremE” Wajeeh
Menura “Optic” Fernando
Thisaru “Xclusive” Dilshan
Manupa “No-one” Randhitha

2nd Place: nA Teetotalers
Imshad “TTS IMI” Illiyas
Shafr “TTS SHAFR” Shan
Uzam “TTS ARK”
Shadhir “TTS UZAM” Nilufrr
Arkam “SLAYXAK” Anas

3rd Place: WG x NGSL
Sahan “WG SATHSAYT” Sathsara|
sathsa “WG ZATAN” gaming
Dinitha “WG XXX” Tissera
Shanuka “SL RUSHGOD” Yasanga
Ravindu “WG WINK” Lakshitha
Lahiru “WG PANDA” Herath

The P&S Mobile Contenders event was Perera & Sons first Esports event, organized in collaboration with Gamer.LK.

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