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The Call of Duty Mobile Solo Battle Royale tournament at the 2021 Women’s Cyber Game ended on the 18th of April, and saw some of the best female COD Mobile players duke it out for the top spot.

Match #1 of the finals was won by Nuwanthi “DC Nuwa” Mannapperuma, who prioritised survival over kills, unlike her final opponent – MS.NIKI. This only required DC Nuwa to defeat MS.NIKI, which she did and won her match 1. During the 2nd match however, DC Nuwa was only able to place 10th, making her chances of winning difficult. On the other hand, Daariya “STØRM Dariya” Azim, who had placed 11th in the previous round found her rhythm which allowed her to close out game #2 with a 1st place finish and 4 kills on the scoreboard. Keeping her momentum going, STØRM Dariya continued her aggressive playstyle, while her opponents continued to choose survival over fighting. But this worked out to STØRM Dariya’s advantage, resulting in her closing the final game with 5 kills and the #1 spot. Thanks to the kill points she accumulated and the back to back wins during match 2 & 3, she was able to win the entire 2021 Women’s Cyber Games Call of Duty Mobile tournament.


Call of Duty Mobile Solo Battle Royale winners at the Women’s Cyber Games Online 2021:

1st Place: Daariya “STØRM Dariya” Azim
2nd Place: Nuwanthi “DC Nuwa” Mannapperuma
3rd Place: Dilmi “STØRM ANGEL”


The preferred Peripheral Partner is Logitech G and preferred Snack Partner is Perera & Sons for the Women’s Cyber Games Online Championship 2021.

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