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The SLT Esports Cafe Challenge, the latest Esports event series of the Sri Lanka Telecom Esports brand concluded successfully yesterday. It was an action-packed event filled with exciting encounters and thrilling performances from over 300 Esports athletes who took part. There were a few major upsets as well with veterans being overcome by underdogs. The event was a ranked tournament recognised by the Sri Lanka Esports Association.

Overwatch takes center stage with PnX Syndicate coming out as Champions

The event kicked off at 9 AM with Overwatch which took center stage at the event, with many exciting and nail-biting encounters showcasing intense rivalries. The online qualifiers took place across the past week with the LAN finals being played at the event.

Tech Morph Too Old For This, Xiphos Esports Nitro Zeus, Noob Alliance Black Watch, Noob Alliance Team Catalyst, Noob Alliance The Money Team and Phoenix Gaming Team Syndicate made it to the LAN final rounds where Xiphos Esports team Nitro Zeus came out with an amazing performance of grit and determination to make their way into the finals overcoming nA Blackwatch who were tapped to be the better team between the two.

PnX Syndicate became the Champions of Overwatch and walked away with a cash prize and the bragging rights of continuing their streak as the best Overwatch team in the country.


PnX Jura beat his opponents in style to become the Tekken Champion

Tekken 7 saw a lot of new faces coming into the battleground with a lot of talent being showcased across some exciting games filed with insane combos and counter plays. One noticeable battle was the match between PnX.Amaterasu and nA.Blazer where PnX Amaterasu coming out on top after facing some critical sidestepping and counterplay manoeuvres. PnX Jura and PnX Amaterasu faced off against each other in a thrilling final with both players displaying their skills but with Jura eventually coming out on top with a 3-1 victory.

FIFA 18 crown claimed by PnX Sharpshooter

FIFA 18 drew the largest number of registrations with many looking to take a shot at winning the coveted first place. TM.Penaldo and nA.VeNoM went head to head in the other semis where the matchup was more even in terms of skill but Penaldo eventually making it through to the finals to meet PnX Sharpshooter who had shown tremendous growth since his previous tournament.

The finals were one of the most intense encounters with both players giving it their all but PnX.Sharpshooter managing to beat TM Penaldo to become the FIFA 18 Champion.

Xiphos continues their domination in Injustice 2

Injustice 2 saw an exciting set of matches coming out with some skilled plays and nerves coming out from some of the highest tier of competitive Injustice 2 players in the country. Xiphos Esports continued their dominance in Injustice 2 with X3 Redwire and X3 Rassyczar dominating the proceedings and ended up facing each other in the finals where X3 Rassyczar came out on top with a 3-1 victory.

X3 JKLV cruised to victory in Project Cars

The hype behind Project Cars continued with many players taking up the challenge behind the wheel. nA Brainfreeze Olaa and X3 JKLV faced off each other in the finals. Both players showcased some commanding victories over their opponents. Olaa looked to be in control in the finals until JKLV kicked into overdrive in the last minute and took the lead to never look back and went all the way to secure the victory.

Noob Alliance takes control of Clash Royale securing the top 3 spots.

Moving onto the title for Clash Royale and Project Cars, which are usually dominated by the likes of Joel “Daniel” Joung from n00b Alliance,  proceeded to go per normal, as he dominated against teammate rN’b in the finals with his unique decks and patience, along with some newly acquired tricks from his experience at the Asian Games qualifiers. Securing his usual number 1 spot once again taking the title 2-0

All in all the event was a great success showcasing some of the best talent that Sri Lanka has to offer in terms of Esports. As is the case with most SLT events, the turnout was topped only by the level of skill displayed by the players themselves. Sri Lanka Telecom has continued to stay true to its commitment of taking Esports and the online gaming experience to the masses over the last few years and has played a major role in improving Esports by continuing to organize top-tier gaming tournaments in the country. With the main SLT championship still to be held, we can expect even greater competition and skills as teams and players polish their skills and prepare for the final event.