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The Women’s Cyber Games ‘20 Online showcased Sri Lanka’s first online Mario Kart Tour tournament which saw Shenelle ‘Savage_Girl’ Moses from Noob Alliance emerge victorious after defeating her rivals. The tournament was held in a 1v1 format with close matches between the participants. The finals saw two ladies from Noob Alliance facing off against each other with nA Savage_Girl eventually beating her opponent Imanthi ‘nA Tressy’ Jayakody to be the champion. Dilki ‘queendee’ Punchihewa came in third.

1st Place: Shenelle ‘nA Savage_Girl’ Moses
2nd Place: Imanthi ‘nA Tressy’ Jayakody
3rd Place: Dilki ‘queendee’ Punchihewa

The Women’s Cyber Games Championship ’20: Online is sponsored by Red Bull. The preferred Snack Partner is Perera & Sons.

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