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After detailed investigations, Gamer.LK has uncovered that many solo participants have teamed up to gain an unfair advantage at the Fortnite finals. Teaming up, communicating with opponents, and avoiding eliminations in an organised manner is against the rules and goes against the spirit of competitive Battle-Royale games. 

The following list of players have been disqualified based on proof of them using voice servers to communicate with their friends/clanmates during the finals. 

  1. UG – Bulletz (Shawn Abeywickrama)
  2. UG – Mello Yello (Dinada Balasuriya)
  3. UG – Loch (Lochana Rangalla)
  4. UG – kevinsheno (Kavindu Dilshan)
  5. UG – Hyperaqua (Kesara Weerasinghe)
  6. UG – Hamzah (Hamzah Fahim)
  7. UG – Dark Lord (Roshan Ranasinghe)
  8. UG – uG_KaVi_DaSh_ (Kavishka Dilshan)
  9. PnX – Dulnath (Dulnath Perera)

Players who placed in top 5 spots in the tournament  are now disqualified. Apart from the listed players, questionable whatsapp conversations, screenshots and ingame footage of other players have been found, leading to the integrity of the final leaderboard being called into question. 

As a result of this widespread cheating, Gamer.LK has decided to consider the Fortnite title at Samsung Online Esports Showdown as a fun-to-play casual title and will not be included in the overall award points.

In addition, further penalties will be issued against the 9 players listed above once the Samsung Online Esports Showdown tournament ends.

Future Fornite competitions in Sri Lanka will also be considered as casual fun-to-play tournaments until Gamer.LK is able to spectate and receive required access to conduct proper and fair tournaments with the title. 

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