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Following up on our breakdown of Esports taking place at the Asian Games 2018, with titles such as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), League of Legends,Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Clash Royale and Arena of Valor, which are all on display as demonstrational titles, we take a closer look at Clash Royale on a competitive stage at the Asian Games.

In Clash Royale, players are ranked by their trophy count. Players level up by gaining Experience (or King Level) points through donating and/or upgrading cards. The highest possible level is level 13.

Trophies are won or lost through multiplayer battles, a player wins a battle by destroying more towers than the opponent (each destroyed tower being represented as a ‘crown’), or by destroying the opponent’s King’s Tower, resulting in an automatic “three-crown” victory (unless the King’s Tower was destroyed at the same time by both players, resulting in a draw).

Playable units, buildings, and spells are represented as cards. Prior to each battle , players construct a deck of eight cards which they use to attack and defend against their opponent’s cards. At the start of each game, both players begin with four randomly chosen cards from their deck of eight.

Each card costs a certain amount of elixir to play. Players start the battle with 5 elixir points, and one elixir point is replenished every 2.8 seconds,with a maximum of 10 elixir points. Once a card is played, a new card is automatically drawn from the player’s eight card deck.

As of June? 2018 there are 84 cards in the game, coming in four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, with Legendary being the rarest.

Joel “Daniel” Joung has been at the top of Sri Lanka’s Clash Royale leaderboard ever since its introduction, establishing a name as one of the most feared and respected players of the game. Joel will rightfully be donning the national jersey to take on a higher skill bracket at the Asian Games with a shot at showcasing his true skill and talent whilst representing Sri Lanka.

We had a moment to have a chat with Joel and this is what he had to say;

“As the Asian Games is Asia’s biggest multi sport event i would expect talented and gifted players from multiple nations to participate in this event. As this is such a huge event, I don’t have high expectations of winning, however i would expect all games to be legendary and highly skilled.

Esports being introduced by the Asian Games is definitely one of the best choices made by the organisers as Esports is also similar to a normal sport. Esports requires talent,skill and practice which only a few will achieve in a very high level. Therefore Asian games has made a wonderful choice introducing Esports”

Joel has been consistently proving himself as a name to be feared on the Sri Lankan Clash Royale grounds, will he be able to establish the same dominance on an international stage? We hope his training will pay dividends, whilst wishing him the best of luck in his endeavors at the qualifiers on the 18th of June 2018.