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In a shocking move team BlackWatch, previously the top Overwatch team in Noob Alliance, has moved to Phoenix GaminG. Blackwatch has consistently been a thorn in the side of Phoenix GaminG’s top overwatch team: Syndicate. The two constantly lock heads at most tournaments. Their most recent encounter being at the finals of GetNailed 2019 where Syndicate were victorious.

The addition of Blackwatch to their Overwatch wing means that Phoenix will now run a monopoly in Overwatch having already established their presence in Dota2, Special Forces 2, League of Legends and a plethora of single player games. This is another notch in their belt towards the Best Clan award.

This comes immediately after Noob Alliance lost their wing leader Demigod to Phoenix as well. The questions that needs to be asked are:
If this was planned by Phoenix or if it was just pure luck that led to two massive acquisitions? Was it all pure coincidence? Will this bleeding continue for nA? And what prompted Blackwatch’s move?
We got in touch with the relevant parties and these were their responses:


Blackwatch was one of the main competitors for our team Syndicate in the past few years and we won against them in the last tournament – GetNailed to claim the No. 1 spot in the country again. Like we always do, one of our players Preba Peexxell Shan was already playing as a standin for nA.BW for a very long time since he couldn’t find a team he synergize with. We never intended to go for an established team like BW and we were focused on developing the newer teams in our wing. However when we were told that BW was not satisfied with nA and they are considering to make their move, our management thought: “why don’t we recruit them?”. Our Overwatch wing was more than happy to have them on our side and we believe it would make our wing even more stronger with more skilled and diverse resources which can push everyone in the wing to work harder to reach that top spot. 1/6 of BW was already red and nothing could stop the remaining 5/6 turning red. We spoke to them and they were thrilled with our management style and our cultures and they were willing to face the new challenges and compete with the top teams again under PnX banner.


It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to many of our Overwatch players in our wing. After about a year of growth and success, we have now parted ways with our old Overwatch wing due to internal problems that have arisen due to mismanagement. We deeply apologize to all our players affected due to this issue but rest assured we will look to redeem ourselves in the future. The new Overwatch wing is now in the process of rebuilding and will take off the ground in the months to come, alongside our new admin and coaching staff we will look to strengthen our wing and return it to its previous glory and more. For the players that are no longer with us, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope they perform to their best as always.


After almost 2 years playing for nA, we felt like we needed a change in scenery. But it wasn’t just that, some issues that could have been prevented by the admins intervention, but was not, went as far as to affect my team. I’m not sure how much they tried, but it didn’t get resolved. We felt like the nA administration was a bit lackluster in their duty towards the wings and teams. Those issues led to some disagreements within the team as well.Our choice of PNX is based on the recommendation of ppeekkxxell and the status of the clan in Sri Lanka. Plus I think the reward system of PNX is an excellent method to motivate players to keep playing and strive to be the best. If other clans adopt this method, at least to some degree, it would help get a lot of new players into gaming, which will help the development of E-Sports in Sri Lanka.

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