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Re: [SLCG] Remaining matches for CS, COD4 and FIFA 10
« Reply #135 on: October 17, 2010, 02:43:04 pm »
ROFL... dude ur srsly frkn funny.... First questn. Do u have any balls???? i and most ppl doubt it. If you ghave aproblem with somebody come talk to the face u worthless piece of shit. Dont pay homeless freaks to get your dirty work done. LOL and u want to treat me???  ah hahaha. let see u do dat. lol man u kids just keep getting funier by the second.

I see ur comments on this thread come talk to my face and tell me all this crap uv typd down.. well i know u wont... u cant!!

Grow some balls son   

as i expected another funny post by our uncle psycho
well answer for ur first question is every1 knows i do have including u so no use trying to be so cool in forums(thts the only thing ur good at doing) coz every1 who came to slcg knws tht ur a pussy.Threatening 13,14 yr old kids from BM online nd giving ass to them when you meet them at slcg for real shows how manly ur.So no need to talk abt obvious things over nd over again

Well i could talk to ur  face
1.If u came to slcg on the first day without sending ur innocent frnd alone(I remember sum1 told online kuddata atak tiyanna denne na mama epic fail uncle psycho).

2.unless your frnds came nd told "unge wayasa tibbata un tama anchor 1+ bona podi eun meka metanin nawatala dapan".some of your frnds called me 5am in the morning on the second day nd told nt to do anything to u ppl coz u ppl r pussies.

3.unless 13,14 yr old kids you have threaten before came nd told me guru was giving ass to them  on the 2nd day
well im not so jobless to pay sum1 to give u a such a small treatment.All were volunteers who wanted to do a small help to u ppl by giving a free treatment.Coz it seems ur an uneducated homeless b*****d nd u dont have a family to give a treatment for ur mental illness.U saw only 10% of the ppl who were ready to give tht treatment free of charge others were sent back coz i thought treatment would be too intensive for transexuals like u

Btw this is the last reply i give to ur funny comments nd ur welcome to post more nd more funny comments nd become a joker infront of every1.coz simply i have other works to do nd i dont want to be another joker like u ur more than enough for whole glk forum.By any chance  If u have become manly enough to  talk to my face or get the special shock treatment i told before u can meet me on coming saturday 11am at venus

Re: [SLCG] Remaining matches for CS, COD4 and FIFA 10
« Reply #136 on: October 17, 2010, 03:06:15 pm »
stop fighting in the forum man :\  chaaaa :S
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Re: [SLCG] Remaining matches for CS, COD4 and FIFA 10
« Reply #137 on: October 17, 2010, 07:00:34 pm »
stop fighting in the forum man :\  chaaaa :S

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Re: [SLCG] Remaining matches for CS, COD4 and FIFA 10
« Reply #138 on: October 17, 2010, 08:19:10 pm »
LOL i heard u were looking for me  ah hahaha ROFL... ur just pathetic kid. If you want my umber ask it from me. y do u want to go around asking ppl abt me??. Giving ass to BM???? oh lol. The only ass which was given was only from you f*** faces. " Ah oyada Guru? Mama Muba. Kohomada aiye? " OMFG. you creatures are just pathetic.

Just do us all a favor, Get of ur worthless lazy ass and make some use of ur worthless life for a change. Counter Strikes aint Life. Theres much much more to it.. Alteast for starters try to get LAID... at least by a guy (Im sure thats what u prefer). You dont want to be a 40 year old virging in 20 years do u??. Stop waisting your parents money, other peoples time, MY time and do somthing for ur self without Barking up uwonted trees. You never know what ull find.

Kid there are ppl in society who you realy dont want to get in their bad side.  You should learn how to see who they are before its too late. Take my advice kid

Now stop waisting my time kid. I have much more important stuf to do than reply to a pethatic Mentally disturbed 21year old.

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Re: [SLCG] Remaining matches for CS, COD4 and FIFA 10
« Reply #139 on: October 17, 2010, 08:26:56 pm »