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The signature contest instructions, rules and regulations
« on: September 01, 2010, 12:21:32 am »
"The Signature Contest":

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How to take part

No content is provided by GLK this time around. So find your own original content, be creative and use your photo editing software’s to create your own signature and submit your designs to us.

The entries should be in JPEG or PNG format. Signatures with animations (e.g. GIF) or signature rotators aren’t allowed for this competition. After making the signature it should be submitted along with proof of work (PSD or CDR files) and any material obtained from sites with references to the sites.


•   Standard Forum rules should be followed when creating the signatures. For those of you unaware of the rules,
           o   The authorized signature size on the site is currently 500x100 pixels
           o   No sexually explicit or graphic material in signatures
           o   No abusive language allowed on signatures

•   Entries will be open for 25 days from the start of the competition during which time all entries will have to be submitted. After the 25 day entry period, entries thread will be locked and entries will not be accepted.

•   Following this, the voting will start on a new thread tagged [voting], and will span another 10 days. The winner will be announced at the end of the 10 days of voting.

•   Only 5 Signatures can be submitted per participant.

•   The Signature should be your own design.  The use of another participants' work is forbidden

•   A maximum of two votes per forum member is allowed. Creation of multiple accounts to rig voting will be detected and dealt with.

•   Do not relate to pornography, political or religious insults etc. (No abusive, offensive and crude entries)

•   Do not resubmit the same entries you made in previous signature competitions.

•   By submitting your Signatures to the competition, you are giving Gamer.LK and its staff all rights to the image.

•   The Gamer.LK staff have the final say in deciding whether an image is suitable or not, and have the right to remove any images deemed unsuitable.

•    Going against any rules will cause the contestant to be disqualified.
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