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Game Ladders Server Maintenance Extended
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:10:40 pm »
We regret to announce that the server maintenance which commenced late last night will be extended further. Additionally, the maintenance will include all Game Ladders servers (including Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Ventrilo servers).

The maintenance will be extended for another 24 hours. We hope to have your servers up and running by this time pending which, we will be compelled to further push back on this duration.

Please note that during this period the servers will appear online for testing purposes only. Game Ladders will officially inform all server owners and the community via Gamer.lk once this maintenance is complete. Please avoid organizing any scrims or pugs during this period, when servers may appear online temporarily.

The LCGZ server ( will remain online during this period.

The game control panels and web ftp facilities of the server owners will be restricted during this period.

Your kind co-operation and assistance is expected. For any clarifications, feedback, etc please mail us on [email protected].

- GLD Administration
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