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Play for free !!!!!! "FIFA online beta"

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this is out to all fifa lovers. Guess most of u doesn't know that fifa is offering this totally free version of FIFA for everyone.
play single player club modes, FIFA world cup + play multiplayer in club mode or international mode.

I personally found this much more attractive than  "FIFA 10" a whole new experience as it seems.
Although the in game play is very much identical to FIFA 10.
All of u FIFA lovers shd deffinitely try dis out.
( Download size is 1GB and u dnt have to download it in 1 str8 go)

Cheers and have fun !!!!!!!!  (Y)

downloading :D

Gud gud send out the message :-D

bump for other fifa players who dnt know abt this :D

Quick review ;D

Based on the FIFA09 engine so gameplay is good. <3 the World Cup mode.

It's not completely free though. You only have 20 credits to start with, and that is good to play only 1 world cup. You need credits to play multiplayer with any other team than your season team.

And multiplayer is difficult because of lag. Servers are based in europe and so are most of the players. You constantly have high latency :(


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