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The GCWL Season 2 draw has been confirmed. We have given registered teams unofficial seeds and created the match-ups accordingly.

GCWL Season 2 draw [Last updated: 20/05/10]
Download GCWL Season 2 matchups.xls
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Make sure you scroll down and to the right to view the entire sheet.

How to read the draw/schedule:
GCWL Season 2 draw format is the same as the GCWL season 1 draw. For the newbies, the draw is based on a double elimination basis. A team will be knocked out of the tournament after the loss of two matches. After a team loses one match, they will be put into the losers bracket which is displayed at the lower end of the draw.

Please read the entire schedule assuming your team will win your matches. This way you will be able to inform us of any re-schedules needed in advance, which makes things easier for everyone involved.

Weekdays will have one match played per day. Weekend and Fridays will have two matches played per day.

If your team cannot participate on the date specified, inform us THREE DAYS before the date of your match. Failure to do so will result in no date change, and possibly a walkover.

Match times:
All weekday matches will be played at 8pm unless explicitly informed otherwise. Matches on Fridays and Saturdays will be at 8.00 PM and 10.00 PM.

GL & HF (Y)

Team Awesome:

hmmmm, GL to all teams, (Y)

Ya GL 2 All Teams.. :)

GL 4 all team
maximum & awsm ftw


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