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CPU and Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart

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This chart, for years, has helped me measure how powerful a graphics card is and to what tier/category it falls into in relation to it's competition. Many of you probably already know about this chart as it's quite famous but for those of you who don't, here it is. There's also a handy-dandy CPU hierarchy chart offered by Tom's Hardware as well.

EDIT - Added an SSD hierarchy chart as well!

Tom's Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart - March 2012

Tom's CPU Hierarchy Chart - March 2012

Tom's SSD Hierarchy Chart - February 2012

Also for those of you who are cost conscious and want to make sure you're getting the absolute best bang for buck on your purchase when buying a new graphics card or CPU, here are another 2 absolute must-read gems.

Best Graphics Cards for the Money: March 2012 Roundup

Best Gaming CPU's for the Money: March 2012 Roundup

Best SSD's for the Money: February 2012

Leave it to Tom's hardware to make all our lives collectively easier  :D

the latest issue of The Gamer has one :D

Dude! that's essential info! now i can finally decide on a new card :yes:

 ;D I'm hoping 2 buy a 9600 GT :\

ZOMG only 1 nVidia card in the list  ;D - Rameez wats goin on...  ::)


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