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[WCG] Sri Lankan FIFA 09 squad leaves for China

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The Sri Lankan FIFA 09 squad consisting of Flashbullet, ifiBoy and Leon will be starting their journey to China on the morning of the 10th November, and with that a shot at the champions title at WCG 2009.

Two members of the Sri Lankan squad were selected at the recently concluded WCG Sri Lanka qualifiers, while the third was hand-picked by the strategic partner organising WCG in Sri Lanka which resulted in an uproar by the community.

Groups for the FIFA 09 tournament have been released and are as follows:

Group A
Cookie (China)
Reulreusyu (Korea (South)
k.Tadej (Slovenia)
c.Stefano (Italy)
hBk8 (India)
iFiBoY (Sri Lanka)
USSRxterstas (Russia)

Group E
Scorpion (Brazil)
PinCho_Yozhyk (Ukraine)
misterX (Australia)
Pio_ (Poland)
Ale9007 (Panama)
ChriSSyB (United Kingdom)
Malish (Russia)
LeoN (Sri Lanka)

Group H
SK_Kr0ne (Germany)
FlashBullet (Sri Lanka)
USSRxXaxotun (Russia)
[4k_Kesar_LLLL] (Serbia)
mokosg (Hungary)
Gunner (Bangladesh)
Si_Jali (Malaysia)

Group stage matches are played from the 11th to the 13th November. Stay tuned to GLK for updates from WCG 2009.

Gamer.LK would like to wish the Sri Lankan squad all the very best in their matches in China. Play hard, play fair, and make the country proud!

Source: http://www.wcg.com/6th/tournament/2009/tm_match_full_2009.asp?sort=G090404103

All the best (Y)

GL guys, make us proud!

glhf guys ;D make us proud ;D

Community Uproar ! *Face palm*


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