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GCCL Season 3 updates
« on: September 29, 2009, 10:30:25 pm »
GCCL S3 news will be posted here. Keep checking this thread for the latest news about this seasons matchups.

GRAND FINALS TOMORROW AT 9.30 PM [FD] Zenkai vs Team G5 2

[FD] Zenkai line-up
Manesha "Strider" Marambe (leader)
Jeremy "Stoner" Fernando
Infaaz "hunter" Ahmed
Jameel "Smiley:)" Ariff
Mohamed "j1n_" Elyaaz
Kulsith "BD" De Silva
Kawinda "Fishie" Seneviratne

Team G5 2 line-up
Rahman "Silver" Fareed (leader)
Vithursan "Vince" Vicy
Harun "Invoker" Rashid
Tuan "Cooldude" Ilham
Ali "Taz" Hussein
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Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2009, 10:46:32 pm »

2 matches of GCCL season 3 were conducted today!

1st match of the day was DC | Wraiths vs Team Alpha.. team alpha won the knife round and chose to play ct.. DC started off quite well to take a 4-0 lead, but they seemed to lose their way somewhat after that with miscommunication in their team and some superb solo play by chali 1 (thalayaa) and chali 3.. alpha kept winning rounds at ease after that and it seemed that they were going to end the half with quite a substantial lead..However DC managed to win the last 2 rounds and the half ended at 8-7 in favour of alpha..
Alpha started off the 2ndhalf well winning the pistol round the next 2 save rounds of DC and kept going merrily until their total was 14 rounds..DC then seemed to realise that they were 2 rounds away from bowing out of this seasons GCCL and stepped up their play to win 3 rounds in a row however alpha were just too strong for them ending up 16-11 winners.. Player of the match for me was chali 1 with his brilliant strat calling and important fragging..

2nd match of the day was a eagerly anticipated one with both teams looking quite evenly matched on paper 5DS and CO2.. However it turned out to be quite a dissapointment with CO2's best player jubba unable to come and they had to play a 4v5 match..5DS were quite comprehensive winners with their numerical advantage and just gave up one round to win the match 16-1..Cdr waged a lone battle for CO2..Player of the match - guna paala..

Tomorrow will be the 1st quarter final of GCCL season 3 division B with one of the tournament favourites [FD] Zenkai captained by strider taking on an upcoming team in the cs scene in sri lanka BM2 captained by silver bullet..Keep ur popcorn ready it promises to be an exciting match!
Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2009, 01:05:06 am »

Quarter final 1 of season 3.. Through veto choice map chosen was de_nuke.. FD won the knife round and chose to play ct..BM2 werent able to pull of a ramp rush and lost the pistol round..the next 2 rounds went quite easily to FD with BM2 on save rounds..After that the match livened up with BM2 getting 3 rounds in a row through some gud pick n run strats..The match kept see-sawing from side to side and at 6-6 it was anyone's game..But from then on the greater experience of the FD players showed with them able to take the last 3 rounds with some good ramp room holding by BD (including his 3 scintallating headshots  :P ).. Half ended 9-6 to FD.. From then on it was one way traffic with FD winning the pistol round with a ramp rush..5 rounds went quite soon and FD were 2 rounds away from victory..BM2 got up from their slumber to string together 2 rounds but superior skill of FD showed as they closed out the match 16-8..Man of the match for me would be BD with some impressive fragging.. BM2 are still not out of the tournament and fall to the losers bracket now where they can still mount a comeback into the semifinals..FD moves on to the semis where they will be play the winners of 5DS and WMY..

Tomorrow sees the 2nd quarter final between ice's 5DS and aliens WMY being played at 10pm..Should make for quite an exciting game..
Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2009, 11:27:07 am »

2nd quarter final of this season saw 5ds taking on wmy..through veto choice map chosen was de_nuke..WMY won the knife round and chose to play ct.. 5ds's hut rush failed due to some superb play by TT and 1st round went to wmy..next 2 rounds went quite easily with 5ds on save mode.. wmy with their gud start to the game kept the momentum going with another 3 rounds in a row..5ds's pick n run strats just weren't working..they changed it around with some rushes and kind of got themselves in with a chance with the scores at 8-3..But that was as far as they went in the half with WMY regaining their composure to win the remaining rounds of the half and close out the half 12-3..5ds needed to win the pistol round to stand any chance but with rzr clutching 1v1 situation wmy won the pistol round..It seemed at that point that there was no way back for 5ds with them losing the next 2 rounds also since they were on save..But what followed after that was one of the best comebacks of this seasons gccl through some gud awping by smoke and ramp pushes of ice 5ds were able to string 7 rounds in a row and there seemed to be renewed vigour amongst them..but all wmy needed was one round and they got that round with the scores at 15-10 to close out the match 16-10..quite unlucky way for 5ds to lose that round with their last player getting lagged out..soo close yet soo far...anyway 5ds is not out of the tournament and there could yet be a rematch of these 2 in the finals  :P

Tomorrow sees 2 of the losers bracket round 3 matches being played akrams DC Legion vs rastys frozen and caders co2 vs MOD at 8 and 10 pm respectively!

1 semifinal has been decided it will be WMY vs [FD] Zenkai which of the other teams will join them remains to be seen soo many contenders just 2 slots..Will make for quite exciting viewing over the next few days..so stay tuned  (Y)
Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2009, 11:25:13 pm »

First match of the day dc legion vs frozen..thru veto choice map was de_inferno..frozen won the knife round n chose to play ct.. DC used a slow A strat and it looked like it was going to fail with bomb planted and dc hexagon in 1v2 situation but 2 burstfire glock shots sealed the round for dc..Next 2 rounds on save for frozen meant easy rounds for dc.. DC after that lost their way in the match losing around 5-6 rounds in a row with some splending B holdin by diego aka xain and some gud play from big pit by kitty..however dc fought back with some gud strat calling by kazippu to end the half with a slender 8-7 lead..
DC kept the momentum going by winning the pistol round with a seemingly well thought out strat by coordinated pushing..next 2 rounds were quite easy..after that match kept going both ways but at 15-13 with DC on gun round the onus was on them to close out the game..but from there on began frozens comeback to win the next 2 rounds n force the game into OT..playing ct first it was a one man show by diego with some super fragging as frozen ended with a 3-0 lead..DC seemed down and out and that was the case as frozen won their 1st round on T to win overtime 4-0..First OT of gccl season 3 and we hope there are many more to come  :P

2nd match of the day was quite a dissapointment with CO2 not turning up and MOD given a walkover..

Tomoro sees two lower bracket round 4 matches being played with [FD] Daitan taking on MOD and frozen taking on team alpha
Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #5 on: October 04, 2009, 12:07:53 am »

1st match of the day was team alpha vs frozen after a few delays due to problems with lag the match finally got underway through veto choice map chosen was de_inferno and frozen won knife round and chose to play ct..alpha used a pick n run strat which worked to perfection as they took the pistol round..next round went easily to them with frozen on save..frozen sprung a surprise by buying after just one save round and that gamble paid off as they were able to pull of the round..from then on they started dominating the half with alpha unable to breach frozen's defences.. they staged a mini comeback towards the latter end of the half by stringing together 2 rounds in a row but frozen won the last round too to end the half with a 9-6 lead..Alpha needed to win the pistol round to give themselves a chance but frozen with a full out b rush caught alpha offguard and took the round quite easily..the next 2 also went to frozen with alpha on save rounds..but that was as far as they got for a while with alpha ably led by thalayaa staging a superb comeback with some excellent defensive play frozen seemed dead and gone at 15-13 but they pulled back a round and it was 15-14..what followed the next round was for me personally the best clutch of this seasons gccl considering how much pressure was on rasty clutched 1v3 situation to take the game into OT..2nd OT in as many days..quite exciting stuff..what followed after that was quite regrettable..and match ended 16-15 to frozen..my man of the match would be diego with superb play in bombiste B..

2nd match of the day saw another of the pre-tournament favourites [FD] Daitan take on MOD and FD lived up to the tag with a demolition job of MOD..superb awping by oblivion and some gud fragging by firebird saw the match end 16-1..gud work by MOD to come this far in the tournament..we hope you'll will be here next year also  (Y)

Tomoro sees two lower bracket quarter finals being played! They promise to be some gud matches with the strong 5ds led by ice taking on frozen led by rasty and the other quarter final sees FD daitan taking on a very talented blood money 2..8 and 10pm matchtimes stay tuned with HLTV!
Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #6 on: October 10, 2009, 10:04:44 pm »
Sorry for there not being updates for the last few matches!


With [FD] Zenkai already having confirmed their place in this seasons grand final todays match would decide who would be their opponents.. This semifinal saw WMY taking on the surprise packages team G5 2 who had exceeded everyones expectations to come soo far! Could they go another step further?

First map of the day was de_tuscan..WMY won the knife round and chose to play T and after a brisk start with a takeover of site1 in the pistol round they never looked back with some good play by TT and Alien as they overpowered G5 2 to take the half with a whopping 13-2 lead. G5 2 had some hope when they took 2 rounds at the start of the half but that was all they got as the match finished 16-4 to WMY. Based on the first map score it seemed we would be in for an early finish.

2nd map for the day was de_inferno..G5 2 won the knife round and chose to play CT..WMY carrying on the momentum from the previous map again raced to a quick lead with some gud strat calling by alien.. However G5 2 weren't going to put all their hard work to waste as they rallied back with some good play by invoker and taz as they ended the half with the slenderest of leads 8-7..The pistol round was critical and G5 were able to pull it off and then the next 2 rounds too..At 11-7 the map seemed to be tipping towards G5's favour! However some gud play in mid and apartments by shade and rzr ensured that they didnt runaway with it and with the scores at 13 all it was anybody's game. WMY were just 3 rounds away from a spot in the grand final! But G5 2 upped the ante in the last few rounds and with some superb fragging by invoker and silver were able to win the map in the narrowest of margins 16-14..1 map each and we were back to square 1..

Last map for the day was de_dust2..WMY won the knife round and chose to play T..G5 2 drew first blood by winning the pistol round quite easily and from there on they took quite a substantial lead and at 5-1 it seemed WMY were losing it..But they rallied back to end the half 8-7 down and still with a chance in the game.. But G5 2 once given the scent of victory weren't going to give in they again got off to a quick start and quite soon it was match point to G5 2 at 15-9..But WMY weren't done yet aided by some superb mp5 play by hamadha they were able to claw their way back to 15-13..Comeback on? not really WMY werent able to hold the B rush that followed and thus the game went to G5 2 quite close at the end 4-16 16-14 16-13..
My personal man of the match for his consistency over all 3 maps would be Taz..
Await the grand final tomoro..Have some interviews too with players of both teams..Stay tuned!

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Re: GCCL Season 3 updates
« Reply #7 on: October 14, 2009, 06:32:54 am »
Division A matches have been put on hold for a short while to give our hard working admins a break and to get more 1000fps servers sorted. We hope to have multiple matches per day after we resume the Division A matches.

Stay tuned to this thread for GCCL S3 announcements.