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HLTV Demo/ Spectator Help
« on: July 26, 2009, 09:22:27 pm »
 8) Some people ask me how i record HLTV demos every match personally.

Ill give a tip (For people who dunno)  (Y) :

This is only for non-steam users
 [Protocol 47]

Go to Counter Strike Folder where u installed it.
Eg : c/progam files/ Counter Strike

There will be some file named HLTV.
Double click it.
A command prompt black Screen will appear.
Enter the server password as "serverpassword <password>"
And then type connect <ip>
Then connect to the required server.
And to start recording, type record <demoname>
It will start recording. To stop HLTV, type Stop

Demo will be recorded to cstrike folder.

To edit HLTV Server name,
Go to HLTV cfg file and open it in Notepad. Edit it.


No More Counter Strike :(