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GCCL Season 2 wrap up
« on: March 22, 2009, 02:32:55 am »
Yet another season of GCCL has come to end. A whole month of competitive Counterstrike 1.6 came to an epic conclusion on the 28th of February 2009 as the grand finals came to a close.

Here's a summary article of GCCL season 2:

GCCL Season 2 - Competitive Counterstrike in Sri Lanka

Counterstrike is one of the most popular computer games in Sri Lanka today. Game cafes have been filled with Counterstrike players both young and old, battling it out for countless hours to rack up the "frags" and satisfy their competitive streaks.

The Counterstrike community in Sri Lanka reached a critical mass sometime late last year, after which Counterstrike ceased to be just a game - it evolved into a sport; an e-sport. This saw the development of infrastructure to support game servers, organised pro-teams and competitive leagues. Season 2 of the premier online Counterstrike tournament came to a close on the 28th of February 2009 - it is called "Gamer.LK Clans Counterstrike League" more fondly known as GCCL.

GCCL is organised by the Sri Lankan e-sports community Gamer.LK (http://gamer.lk), best known for the Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2008 LAN gaming tournament which was held in August of last year. GCCL is an online Counterstrike tournament where the best clans of the country battle it out for the coveted title of GCCL Champion every season. Season 2 was held during the month of February 2009 with over 30 clans taking part. Matches were held throughout the month of February, with the grand finals being concluded on Saturday 28th with a scortcher of a match between two Counterstrike giants.

GCCL Season 2 results are as follows:

Group Stage Winners:
Group A: Ferrari and Reservior Dogz
Group B: Determinato and One Blood

Semi Finals:
Semi 1: Ferrari vs One Blood - Ferrari wins.
Semi 2: Determinato vs Reservior Dogz - Determinato wins.

Third place playoff:
One Blood vs Reservior Dogz: One Blood wins.

Grand Finals:
Ferrari vs Determinato

There was no doubt that Counterstrike has become a spectator sport after witnessing the epic battle between Ferrari and Determinato for the GCCL crown. The finals will be covered by International e-Sports commentators "GameStah" radio and was also streamed live on HLTV for an eager crowd of fans cheering for their favorites. After two hours of play on two Counterstrike maps, Ferrari came out victorious.

Team Ferrari consists of Dulantha (intdr), Amri (Crusade), Shehan (Zanzio), Michael (VP), Wassim (Fahbio) and Isham (Codename). Dulantha and Amri were in Team Liquid that was chosen to represent Sri Lanka in last years World Cyber Games e-sports tournament.

Determinato consists of Dilshan (azian), Nithin (Dark-Youth), Safran (Spawn), Charaka (1c3), Roshan (Mombu$) and Thilina (xTaz). This is a fairly new team to the Sri Lankan Counterstrike scene. They are trained by Lankan born Pubudu (zkhR) who plays Counterstrike competitively in the United States.

The match between Ferrari and Determinato was a fitting end to a month of good, competitive Counterstrike. For replays, commentary and to get involved in GCCL, visit http://gccl.gamer.lk.

I would like to thank the GCCL organising committee for the dedication shown during the entire month to make sure all matches were played without a hitch.

GCCL Organising committee:

Without these guys, the competitive CS scene in Sri Lanka wouldn't be where it is today :) Thank you guys.

GCCL Season 2 matches were held on both Gamer.LK and GameLadders.LK servers. We would like to thank Rasty and Azian from GameLadders.LK for working with us to provide high quality servers for GCCL matches.

We would also like to thank each and every player who took part in GCCL Season 2. It is thanks to you guys that we can call the CS scene "competitive" !

Congratulations to Ferrari for winning this season - truly a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations also go out to Determinato who made it all the way to the Season 2 finals and gave Ferrari a fight worthy of the Sri Lankan CS Hall of fame!

Big kudos goes out to the fans who really pushed CS as a spectator sport this season. The significant number of viewers who joined in on HLTV is testament to how popular Counterstrike as an e-sport has become in Sri Lanka.

We are looking forward to see everyone for Season 3 of GCCL later this year :D
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Re: GCCL Season 2 wrap up
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2009, 02:49:27 am »
Are the season 2 rankings going to be posted?
Re: GCCL Season 2 wrap up
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2009, 06:55:22 am »
ya rankings