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Re: GCDL S2 LB Round 5: Fear 1 vs Death Company 1
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2009, 01:02:41 pm »
Rofl... FEAR FTW! And viren, did you give ryan a lift in the end? :P
Re: GCDL S2 LB Round 5: Fear 1 vs Death Company 1
« Reply #16 on: March 20, 2009, 02:12:20 pm »
OMG   I didn't expect dis situation    :no:   

         Still can't believe   :o           
                                Good Luck ma fren  DC members     :bye2:
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Re: GCDL S2 LB Round 5: Fear 1 vs Death Company 1
« Reply #17 on: March 20, 2009, 04:04:02 pm »
alright so here I am with another review :D...luckily i was at elements to cover this one :P....and btw..its not shocking that DC lost this one...i knew FEAR would take this when DC started their bans  >:( .....good showing by DC though anyway in this tournament :)

 (Y) What I Liked
FEAR is kickass....seriously....I love the way those guys played this one...so relaxed and horsing around whilst the game raged on :)....and udesh was the honourary member as shiham couldn't make it due to other commitments.....(I wanted to play but the FEAR boys didn't want me to as I haven't played in around 3 months lol :P )
So the bans began....Fear doing some nice bans..if I remember correctly it was es, tide omni and kunkka.....and then the picks....so DC had troll as a first pick...(how were my predicting skills zapper and mark? :P :) ).....and zapper immediately countered with treant....who IMO should have been banned if troll was going to be picked....and then picked jakiro at mark's urging....mark played a sexual jakiro this game...doing some insane moves I have to say.....and so on :)
Zapper played one hell of a nevermore...at around 20 minutes he had 5.5 k, a boot and 3 wraiths  :o......after he got travel and lothars, DC just weren't safe..lion was doing some good work..but after zappers lothars there really wasnt much lion could do..ulti and 3 hits = a dead lion lol....and he got to beyond godlike and there was nothing the DC guys could do to stop zapper in the end...
Mark asked for jakiro to be picked...although his teammates were against it.....but picking jakiro was a stroke of luck because he played an insane jakiro....doing some sexy skills which i will cover in the highlights section....mark was the reason FEAR had excellent ganks on troll and lancer..suppressing them from breaking free and giving zapper the damage and level advantage.....and mark tried to sell his hex at the end to BKB the crow lmao (he didn't but that was funny lol :) ).....
Viren as always played a very nice lich.....doing some nice kills bottom lane (which was pretty even..).....and some good all round team work skills and great CF's....however...he always managed to die after casting CF as lion had his FoD reserved for viren....which is why viren had a more deaths than the rest of his teammates
Udesh did decently well in his first major clan game in a tournament...doing some good assisting....:P :P
Ryan played a brilliant treant...doing some very nice eyes and ultis....which stopped DC in their tracks during battles....(as dc had 3 carry heroes, axe and lion).....
Overall FEAR's teamwork skills were crazy....and DC just weren't able to keep up or cause a major shift in the momentum as zapper was always looking dangerous...and if ryan and viren combo ultied...it was all over.....
To be fair on DC though they did do some nice ganks and they did present a good show of individual skill....however in a clan game...teamwork is the most important thing....but darkness again played a nice lion....good warding and skill useage...but one spell caster just wasnt enough to save DC  :\

 (N) What I Did Not Like
Before I get onto axe...I have to address DC's picks and bans....
Seriously...WTF were you guys thinking?.....all the bans were agility carry heroes....luna POTM juggy and someone else.....if you had just banned heroes like treant...which was the pivotal hero in this game....(you would have had a better chance for troll to metamorph into the imba drugged up superman that we are accustomed to seeing from shanaka)... and actually might have had a chance to win this game or give a close fight....and this game goes to show that troll isn't effective against good early-mid game teamwork....if some of you guys were wondering how to counter troll...its good old fashioned ganking...something which Mark and Viren as well as Zapper did brilliantly....shame theres no replay though :(.....and theres no point banning 4 carry heroes guys...so you banned 4 of them..that only leaves what..10-15 of them left  ???....its better off banning other heroes...such as tinker or lich or the heroes FEAR banned....as in clan games..having carry heroes doesn't guarantee you a win, as was seen in this game....but having a good team with a set of good heroes that can do the total package of farming, ganking and co-ordination will easily get you the win.....as was what Fear did this game......
Suni...I love the way you have carried DC all the way to the effective quarter finals of this tournament and have done a good job leading your team....thats very commendable..however your axe this game was not upto your standards dude...I have tried to say that treads is worthless on axe many a time...but I never explained why so I will now...treads for axe when he can always get phase or travel is like when you get null talismans for the troll warlord when bracers and wraiths are there.....ITS RETARDED......your team had 3 carry heroes all with excellent attack speed...although for a STR hero axe does have a decent agi gain...its not enough to make him a carry hero...and he doesnt have the damage from his physical attacks to make use of the increased attack speed....he relies on his helix for damage....in a pub game ONLY can you play a damage axe with treads if you want....as stupid as it is, its acceptable..especially if there are no other decent carry heroes....in a clan game...axe is meant to gank, tank, initiate and save allies....now how the hell are you supposed to do that when you are the slowest hero in the game when you get treads ??...you'll be as fast as 80% of the heroes with a mere boot...I did observe that you couldn't chase-cull this game because you had treads and wasn't fast enough to follow and cull  (N)...if you had phase or travel you could have easily gotten more kills than you had in that game..not to mention you could have farmed and ganked way more efficiently..remember the helix count depends on the number of attacks on axe and not axe's attack speed......and if you say the +10 stat gain is good...then you must be off your rocker....any good axe player in a clan game will forego hunger and get stats....therefore by lvl 14 you would anyway have +10 stats for not just one stat but for all stats....sigh  :no:......
Why on earth did you get hunger?...ok fine you killed udesh twice...big deal man.....if you had taken call, you could have killed udesh not twice but 4 or 5 times....a good call with a couple of helixes hitting in followed up with an impale = a dead davion....plus...if you go ganking and throw in a hunger and not a call....not only would your team not be able to catch up and slow/stun and thereby ensuring a kill....but your opponents allies could simply deny the hungered hero and prevent you from getting the kill  :(....and it also limits axe's bulkiness in the tanking department mid game in case your team was on the back foot, which they were this game...the last thing they need is a paper axe with a hunger and not 200 extra hp....calls are more useful in a clan game than hunger will ever be unless icefrog remakes hunger...
I'm just saying what needs to be said suni...you're a good player and I cant take that from you..you've done a great job all this time, but these minor things should be noted if you are to lead DC from the front with axe the next time we see you :)

Highlights Of The Game ;D
nice first blood by sulthan on zapper...although zapper forgot to raze :P
nice teamwork by suni and darkness bot lane to keep udesh in check and nice defending by viren
mark and his imba survival tactics top lane....
zapper doing some imba farming and ganking and being beyond godlike pretty early
mark with the ice path on troll when troll was farming in the sentinel forest...he put it from the river to the creep camp whilst troll was tping, giving zapper enough time to do the damage and for mark to get the kill
similarly mark pulled off another sexy ice path when he trapped lancer before the end of the game, giving FEAR enough time to take care of him
mark and viren run into the open spots in the scourge top lane.....zapper follows them at a distance and runs into a 5 man DC gank and dies
Udesh being unable to farm as either viren, mark or zapper were there to take the kills lol....
Ryan with some beautiful overgrowths and viren comboing with CFs followed by a Zapper ulti during 4 team battles
Although DC kept taking out Roshan...their lack of AoE heroes didn't allow them to take the upper hand against Fear at any time and were consistently falling prey to a lothars nevermore and good teamwork skills by mark and viren....
Shanaka disconnecting from the game...
good teamwork shown by DC at times when ganking FEAR individually...although their bans and picks really came back to hurt them this game  :(
Fear breaking DC's base and causing the GG...leading to a confrontation between WDF and FEAR in the semis/LB finals :)

LOL Moments Of The Match ;D (Verbal Quotes...I'll keep editing this when I remember some of them)

Viren: Hide me....HIDE ME BEFORE HE FINGERS.....(viren gets fingered).....Thats it Ryan....I'm not going to armour you
Ryan: Screw off men...I have my own armour
Viren: Ah really?...I'm not dropping you home after the match

Mark: So udesh....how does it feel like when you're not playing against newbs?
Udesh: Appo I cant play with this cafe mouse men...I cant farm with this mouse
Mark: You never could anyway :P

Me: Judging by these absurd bans....i suspect they will pick troll first and lancer last...
(DC pick troll first and lancer last)
Zapper and Mark: OMG....high five man

Mark: Appo a ward...good thing for Ryan's eyes (mark destroys the ward)
(30 seconds later)
Mark: Appo another ward...in the same place also

Suni: Ado dont save every 3-5 minutes men...WTF?
Tensa: Then dont expect me to save
(Shanaka dc's)
Everyone: ROFL

Zapper: Ryan you jackass will you come with us when we tell you to come?
Ryan: Dont worry men I have invis
Zapper: I dont care men..they're coming for you
(DC someone has pwned OmgitsRyans head.....it was a 5-man gank)
Zapper: I told you, you idiot
(Darkness dc's)
Ryan: Ah it doesn't matter...Tensa will reload and I wont be dead
Tensa: Reload from when Ryan died
Ryan: NOOO....please I dont want to die

Mark: I'm gonna sell my hex and buy a BKB and put it on the crow
Udesh: No you idiot dont do that....we're gonna need yo-----
(FEAR 1 has won the game and the end game scorecard arrives)
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