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Re: GCDL S2 WB Round 3: ToX1C vs DC1
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2009, 08:47:40 am »
damen troll :D GG
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Re: GCDL S2 WB Round 3: ToX1C vs DC1
« Reply #16 on: March 16, 2009, 05:01:13 pm »
lol at angle .. imba superman :D i mean a drugged up supermaannn !! RUN !! lol good game

haha niro using my quote :D :D
anyways back to the analysis

this was an even game in terms of kills....in terms of towers taken out, a different story....basically some (me included) had doubts whether DC deserved to be in the top 4.....(i guess while Ghut and RR have disbanded and their members are either taking a break or finding a new clan you guys can keep NO. 4 :P )....you guys didn't give up against TXC and gave a good fight...i like the fighting spirit you guys showed..that kind of spirit is what we need to see in every team...suni and maggie did well in the situation..doing some nice saves and ultis (and mistiming a few :P )....riki did some nice ganking as well..and nice first blood by razor....
TXC played sexual as usual...made a few more blunders in this game than usual though....tensas fabled KOTL was proven to be brilliant this game...loved the tps....blinds...illuminates....the works...and again...he showed us the power of an early travel.....an item which is so underused in the SL room (as everyone loves treads and the attackspeed and the +10 switchovers (N)) but loved in others...(due to phase..the popularity of travel has fallen though :( )....i liked bingos idea of ganking early game which is exactly what rylai should do if shes ever picked....biatchs lion was sexual...did some pro stuff with lion which ill cover in the highlights....venom played a nice sven...although he did some controversial suicides :P......shanaka was a one man show after mid game...setting up imba rapes by himself lol....troll is a beast if he isnt kept in check throughout the game.....oh yeah and LOL @ the team talk throughout the game :)

sorry draw..but your lich wasnt upto your standards this game....so many wasted CF's this game....i counted 4 :(.....supporting is pretty easy though after a while so dont worry bout it  ;)
and please guys..dont get scared if someone chooses troll....i remember the few pub games we played against shanaka back early last year when he used to play troll almost every game....me and 2 other guys would always take gankers and rape shanaka as much as we could before he raped us by imba farming.......heroes like CM and NA and SK....:)... if you see troll...get ready to choose gankers and end early....in league games i've never ever seen troll as without adequate farming hes no threat....so gank the crap out of him and end it as soon as you possibly can :).....
(minor technicality)> TXC made more blunders in this game than they have in the rest of the matches put together  :o lol :)...

Highlights Of The Game ;D
first blood by razor on bingo mid lane...
shanaka taking out preax bot lane with a nice tower juke before suni revenge killed shanaka
13:19> failed gank by DC where tensa escaped a sure-death situation
17:23> biatch with some nice moves...killing riki first and with red health to come from behind and take out lich as well after lich got in the way of illuminate...
21st minute > nice battle...DC taking the first part then TXC took the second
21:40> LOL @ venom stealing tensas staff...making tensa panic momentarily :P :)
30:15> nice save by tensa for venom a split second before tides ulti went off
31:24> nice save by maggie for razor when he pulled off a nice blink stun
nice ganks by TXC in the 24th 29th and 33rd minutes
nice counter-ganks by DC in the 19th  and 35th minutes....
shanakas imba drugged up superman troll doing one man massacres after mid game
tensa with general supporting
biatch with some sick moves

good game guys..loved the spirit DC showed and TXC again did their stuff....:)
Re: GCDL S2 WB Round 3: ToX1C vs DC1
« Reply #17 on: March 17, 2009, 09:21:33 pm »
HI MIMI !! sup? the match went kinda gg nah? :S muk pwnd with axe :)(
Re: GCDL S2 WB Round 3: ToX1C vs DC1
« Reply #18 on: March 17, 2009, 09:25:19 pm »
lol srry. wrng hero. :S i saw diff game and thought :S but muk stil pwned :D
Re: GCDL S2 WB Round 3: ToX1C vs DC1
« Reply #19 on: March 17, 2009, 09:52:29 pm »
thx to DarkLeader for the review.