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PS4 Pro White (Sold)
« on: June 28, 2020, 10:11:17 pm »

Price 60k with Uncharted 4.
58k without the game.
Model Number CUH-7116B

Contact number 0770049538

Selling my PS4 Pro with all the original accessories and box. A brand new PS4 Pro goes for around 90k these days, so I feel the price is fair. Th console has been used lightly as I play most of my games on PC. I have been using PS4 PRO only to play Sony Exclusives. Now that I have played all the exclusives that I wanna play, thought of selling it. Appreciate if you guys don't trouble me with unreasonable offers. Price is pretty much fixed as I am not in a hurry to sell.

Drop me a text if I don't answer. The console can be tested and inspected in Maththegoda, located 4km or so from Kottawa.Thanks.

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