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Re: GCDL S2 Match : FEAR 2 vs FEAR 3
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2009, 04:26:51 pm »
man this is why you never let a troll farm -,- :P....very nice breakaway farming nuwan....and nice all round playing by FEAR 2.....FEAR 3 will have to step up their game in the LBs IMO....especially with picks....heroes like tide, earthshaker (who i havent seen much so far this tourny surprisingly due to perma bans lol :S ), lich and the works are all game changers and should be banned or picked ASAP....lol nice lich by salix as well...however....i never liked this concept of a fury on NA as a first item..NA is an early-mid game killer...in a pub game a fury is fine..but in a clan game, how many heroes can survive against a vendetta impale mana burn dagon attack early-mid game?..with a fury you sacrifice 400 burst dmg which may lose you a vital kill...if you argue about perse's usefulness..thats the purpose of a bottle and there are few better rune whores than NA..IMO after bottle/ arcane, travel and dagon...a fury wouldnt be a bad option.....
for example..when i used to play in zone  back when the SL room first began and even before in the malay rooms, hijack and i used to combo with NA and sand king...and we used to win games by ourselves for zone letting udesh farm his ass off while the others couldnt cos we wouldnt let them...we both rushed travel and started perma ganking, usually ending games quickly as NA and SK lose their potence as the game progresses giving us a late game disadvantage....:)...the only time we lost was to ATOM (and those rare games where we came across shanaka and tensa -,- :P) and that was cos of mark's imba earthshaker, admittedly the best es ive seen in the SL room -,- and viren's lich raping us in the laning phase lol :).....
/thread :D