Mass Effect Andromeda
« on: May 24, 2019, 01:56:38 am »
just finished the game.
Audio , video and the story are good. IMO they could have done another trilogy but ...
game play wise it is challenging when you play it at highest difficulty setting on.
my current h/w config is not capable of playing the game in 4k resolution when all graphics settings are in Ultra mode. but is capable when they are at high mode.
below are some screenshots

i7 4770, EVGA RTX 2070 black gaming edition,G skill Ripjaws X series 8gb*2  DDR3 RAM, Creative X-fi fatality champion pro sound card, Asus Z97-PRO GAMER , ADATA XPG 240GB NVMe SSD,WD 1TB HD,ADATA XPG Pro 1TB NVMe, samsung evo 850 250gb SSD, Corsair graphite 760T white enclosure, Logitech Z5500 sound system, AOC 24" IPS LED back lit monitor,Corsair STRAFE RGB MX RED key board, Logitec G502 protius core mouse, corsair RM750x white PSU.
Re: Mass Effect Andromeda
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You truly get the feeling of being in a lonely part of space with this game and I think they nailed that atmosphere. Besides, you've left the entire Milky Way behind. Just that as the game progresses, you start feeling the loss of grandeur and scale. Loved the combat mechanics though compared to the original trilogy. Hopefully they resurrect this series and just stop going the MMORPG track, which Bioware are certainly horrible at given the recently released Anthem. Focus on story is paramount and they should really stick to it.