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Made in USA
General Electric house sound
Brand new
Compatible with all EF95 family using amplifiers ( Replaces 6J1 Chinese tubes perfectly )
Matched pair (Perfect for all Little Dot and other amplifiers)
Complete with Original box and packaging.

Price - 2500LKRS (Negotiable)
EX - Gamer ( Last game played 2013 )
My humble collection of audio gear
Sennheiser HD650 / KZ ZS5 / ZS1 / ATR / V.E Monk Plus! / ATH-S600 / Philips SBC-HP200 (very old) / Sony MDR-XD 150 / V.E Odyssey / Xiaomi Redmi 5 AI dual cam / V.E Bonus IEM /

Nintendo Wii (Classic)

Little Dot MKII with Russian 6N6P + Mullard CV4010 + FX Audio DAC-X6