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Need help upgrading Firmware SLT 4G router
« on: March 02, 2019, 07:50:14 pm »
So, today i got prompted for a message saying there's an update for my router and i accepted it. when the update was going on my dad was connected and because there is no internet when the update is going on, he had restarted the router thinking that there was a network issue. the router did turn back on and connect to the internet. but im worried that something had happened as it didnt install the udate properly.i tried the update option in the router settings to see if it would re-download but it says uptodate. i was thinking to update again or downgrade by giving in the file manually at router settings shown in the image i attached. But i dnt know where to download the files from. Google search on the routers model firmware upgrades didnt reveal any reliable sites to download. If any of u know anything please do let me knw. Thanks.