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Hello Friends
Do You know You can make 11000$ or 22000$ Per month With Banners App Without Investing a single Penny .
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Your Task Is to
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Step 2 - Unlock Your Mobile 15 times each hour to complete 150 ads daily and refer People to do the same.
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If You Build a team of 10 people who earn 10$ a Month You Will Make 11K+dollar each Month if It proceed till 5 Level deep.
If You Build A team Of 10 People who earn 20$ a month You will earn 22K+ dollar each Month if It proceed till 5 Level deep.
Suppose you refer 100 Direct member and those 100 member earn 2$ a month you will earn upto 5$+ 16$ each month , and if that 100 member referred their 100 member then you will earn upto 5$+800$per month. and if that 100 refereed member referred 100 member in their team you will earn 5$+800$+20000$ Per month
if your team grows to 4th level & 5th level for next 100 member as in above structure then your earning will be Much Higher than You Think &
This for free
We Pays 5 level deep, 8% from 1st level ,4% from 2nd Level,1% from 3rd ,4th,& 5th level.
By installing Banners App on your Android smartphone you can earn about $20 a month, however if you decide to refer Banners App to your family and friends sky is the limit!
If you refer only 100 friends to use the App and each one of them will earn $20 a month then you will earn $160 in commissions alone.
If you refer 1000 friends you will receive $1,600 and so on.
If your friends will refer their friends you are still making 4% and then 1% up to 5th level as you can see on this post's image.
Do you see the great earning potential here?
Let's do some math.
100 x $20 = $2,000 x 8% = $160
(This is your monthly commission for sharing Banners App with 100 of your friends)
100 Friends = $160 a month
1,000 Friends = $1,600 a month
10,000 Friends = $16,000 a month
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Your Partner in success,
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