Hello everyone..   :) ;D

These items are up for sale with warranty. Selling these due to urgent cash need and upgrading. Got these for a 4k rig.

Aorus RX 580 4 GB  bought it for 58k. 2 years of Redline warranty, haven't been using since i had exams. expecting around 42k send me your offers:)

Thermaltake Toughpower 1000 watt Power supply. 1 year warranty remaining of 2 Year warranty. Got this for 35k brand new and expecting around 25k
Asus Gtx 970 Turbo this is my friends listings..
Thermaltake Toughpower 850 watt Power supply   with 1 year warranty remaining..

selling all these For really good price as soon as possible .. send me your offers..  (Y)

Also got a cpu and stuffs to be sold.. pm me if your interested in that

0757402303/0762100048. PM me or call me.. Whatsapp available for the airtel no.

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Got Ram? And what's price for the 850w psu?
Bumb.. all these are up for quick sale...  ::)

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price for 970 pls
970 price?