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Imperial College and UWS scholarships, is it legit?
« on: September 04, 2018, 06:25:49 pm »
Hey fellow gamers,

Recently I won a scholarship from Imperial College of Business Studies(ICBS) for BA(Hons) International Business & Studies offered by the University of West of Scotland(UWS). Duration is 3 years.

Apparently, the scholarship programme and the degree is new and developed by ICBS and UWS for SL and Bangladesh. I couldn't find any information related to the degree other than ICBS web. The degree is specifically designed with CIMA and ACCA in mind. Hence upon completion, I am exempted from the 1st and 2nd stages of both ACCA and CIMA.

Is this schol legit? Is the degree legit?

PS: I posted this here because my cousin said he asked questions about ANC in glk years ago. Thanks in advance.