A look back at 11 years of Gamer.LK
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Gamer.LK will be looking back at our journey with a glimpse of each year posted every day until the 24th of March - the day we turn 11! 2007 is the year Gamer.LK the website was launched, and when we first started weekend gaming - the catalyst for organised inter-clan online play for CS 1.6 in Sri Lanka!
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Re: A look back at 11 years of Gamer.LK
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A look back at the history of Gamer.LK.
2008 is the year when Gamer.LK held the first Sri Lanka Cyber Games (SLCG), starting a new chapter in the history of Sri Lankan eSports. Today, SLCG is the largest eSports Tournament in Sri Lanka.
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Re: A look back at 11 years of Gamer.LK
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Taking a stroll down memory lane, with Gamer.LK, back to 2009.

Within two short years, since the inception of SLCG, eSports in Sri Lanka grew immensely. In 2009, GLK introduced the Gamer.LK Clans Warfare League (GCWL), an online Call of Duty 4 tournament, which created a huge platform for the Call of Duty 4 Community and is currently being hosted for the 10th consecutive year since its creation.

Sri Lanka's first international eSports venture was in 2009, the year that birthed super teams like Team Liquid and Determinato in the largest local eSport at the time, Counter Strike 1.6; a huge milestone in Sri Lankan eSports history.

The biggest annual event of the year, Sri Lanka Cyber Games (SLCG), was held for the second time with great success
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The story of Gamer.LK continues with us taking a look back at 2010, the third year since the birth of the blue crabby.

Through hardwork and dedication, Gamer.LK reshaped the conventional idea of a gamer in Sri Lanka, building communities and platforms to showcase their talents.

The first ever regional Sri Lanka Cyber Games (SLCG) qualifier took place in Kandy, spreading gaming culture throughout Sri Lanka; the response was truly remarkable, and paved the way for GLK to continue with the Kandy regional qualifier and to expand into Southern (Galle) and Northern (Jaffna) regional qualifiers in the coming years.

SLCG 2010 ended in Colombo, with great success and increased numbers of participants, spectators and titles.