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Rescheduling of matches for GCDL Season 12
« on: February 22, 2018, 02:27:41 pm »
Seeing as there was a lot of community feedback based on the network instability experienced for a portion of users yesterday, we would like to address this issue and clarify our stance on this moving forward.

Gamer.LK works with all the telecommunication providers (telcos) in Sri Lanka and maintains an excellent working relationship with them. Based on this, we were able to reach out directly to the ISP in question and since then have worked with them to fix a routing path issue not only to the SEA servers we use for Dota 2 but in general for all the SEA hosted servers across multiple games. Additionally, in the hope of optimising routes across all telcos, we have also passed on these details to the other telcos as well.

We do this on a periodical basis or as and when we receive server updates most oftenly directly through the technical teams of game publishers and developers. Our commitment in this regard is for all the ranked game titles as well as popular game titles such as PUBG, Fortnite, Paladins, etc as we would like the gaming community in Sri Lanka to always benefit from the best latency ingame across all telcos. Utilising our unique position in the industry, we are in the best position to provide all the necessary technical and statistical information as well.

Coming to the issue of matches held yesterday, we would like to first mention that all our decisions were based on existing rules made public well before the tournament began. Things like “matches besides the semis/finals will not be rescheduled” were informed when the draw was posted as well on our website. It is based on these rules that our first decision of not rescheduling any matches, was taken. There was no consideration of what network ISP a player/team uses or even what team/player it is when we take a decision of this nature.

We are deeply passionate about the community we built over the past decade and taking everything into consideration, we have decided to annul the results of the matches played on 21 February 2018. These matches will be played once again from the 1st of March 2018. As such the following matches will be played again: Match 81, 82 and 83. The GCDL Season 12 schedule has been updated accordingly:

How we issue reschedules and how it is implemented across all our leagues is a complex discussion and will be something we hope to tackle actively through our upcoming events. While during third-party events with strict time schedules this is not possible, we may look at other alternatives as well. We welcome and value your feedback to help us improve on the overall eSports experience.


Hi everyone,

We checked on the connection issues that several teams experienced yesterday and were able to confirm it with our partner ISPs. In light of this, we are considering this an extraordinary situation which is eligible to overrule the ‘no re-schedules’ rule for the tournament. After discussion with staff and senior admins, we have decided to re-schedule all GCDL matches played yesterday. See new schedule below:

As always, thank you for voicing your concerns and constant feedback!
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