Flight Simming - Calling all Flight Simulator Enthusiasts
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I have been heavily involved in Flight Simming for a bit of time now and just wondering if there are any other individuals who share the same interests as me. This is basically to create a pool of knowledge and to have joint-flights together with a community who are serious in flight simming. I am more than happy to teach people, just as much as to Learn (as well), because there is just so much in the world of aviation.

This is not limited to only Flight Simming, this could possibly include RC's or anything related to Flying - but primarily for flight simmers. I'm not sure if there are many people who are interested in these types of simulators, as one could construe this as being relatively boring, compared to fast paced games such as DOTA and CS, but thought of giving it a shot anyways, because it is extremely interesting to some (like me), plus we like the challenge!

 I feel that there should be a community to support interests of this nature creating a potential for other enthusiasts as well. Forming a community to share knowledge is seriously the best method to learning this highly complicated simulator. (also it will save going to Aviation Institutions which might be over-kill for just enthusiasts!

Just to explain a bit about my setup;

- I have X Plane 10 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Both are running through Steam)
- I mainly use Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and recommend the same.
- I bought & use the PMDG Boeing 737-800 NGX (Boeing Certified Aircraft) add-on for FSX
- I bought & use the FS Dream Team's Ground Services X add-on for FSX
- I bought & use the EZCA 2.0 (EZDOK Camera) add-on for FSX

There are a few more add-ons i need to get but for the time being, this is sufficient and for those who are seriously interested in Flight Simming, i recommend the above Simulator & Add-ons.

Lets Meet up and discuss this more!
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Flight Simming - Current Proficiencies
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 In terms of proficiency, I can do the following seamlessly & smoothly (using the above mentioned aircraft);

- Cold & Dark Startup
- Filing IFR Plans & communicating with ATC (no problem with the built-in FSX ATC) but still training to use VATSIM, which is a lot more complicated
- Flight Planning
- Programming the FMC / CDU
- Pushback & Clearance
- Taxiing from Gate to active runway
- Take-off & Climb, Cruise, Decent, Approach and Landing (Including all forms of CAT 3 ILS Landing / Auto-Landing)
- ATC Vectoring, Airspace Transition Clearance, Approach and Landing Clearance
- Taxiing to Gate on Arrival
- Aircraft Shutdown
- Managing Ground Services (De-Boarding, Catering, Refueling, etc.)

These are just broad categories; as there is a lot more involved in each task / individual process (and a whole lot more for me to learn!)

Lets Meet up and discuss this more!
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Re: Flight Simming - Calling all Flight Simulator Enthusiasts
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FSX is pretty antique now. better Move on to XPlane 11 or at least p3d 4.

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