Hi guys I'm looking to build a gaming pc with a budget of 75k. And also is Sri Lanka also affected by the rise in gpu prices due to cryptocurrency mining? If yes would it be practical to wait till the prices go down? And with 75k budget how would the graphics and perfomance compare to a PS4? Thanks in advance :) :stupid:

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Could you let us know your current config also r you looking only for the system without GPU ?

If you go with a full system such as MB + PRO I3 + 8GB + 1TB + CASE + PSU  with a Gaming GPU it will exceed to 80+ 2 90k.

Prices of GPU will not come down. The prices hv not gone up due to mining in SL. Its due to memory prices that it has gone up. But if u buy the cards from re sellers then it could vary since they will be selling based on demand n this will be for RX Series n 1060 / 1070 or 1080 cards. Price on others will not be based for mining.
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