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Morocco and Egypt have the same strength
« on: November 28, 2017, 11:10:51 am »
Bulls general Robin - Lopez said he will help resolve the two contradictions, and Bulls coach Hooy Bog also hope that the problem between the two as soon as possible. "I've talked to Mirotic several times Mike Ribeiro Jersey," Lopez said in an interview. "I went out for dinner with him and my team-mate, Felicio, but I would not reveal the content of the conversation." Hoyleberg said he was still trying to get Mirotic and Portis to sit down and chat Talk He wants such a thing to happen as soon as possible Ryan Ellis Jersey, but at least so far, the two have not talked yet Ryan Johansen Jersey. "Obviously, there is no conversation between Mirotic and Portis," said Hoyberg. "Mirotic has had some communication with other players and we will continue to work hard for that.

And Porzingisi's performance during the game also attracted the attention of Olajuwon, "Dream" in the basketball court is the most classic killer "dream footsteps" in the paint excellent move to become the league in which Not stand down for many years an important trick. Olajuwon said in an interview that he was very impressed with the "god of the wave" and was very willing to teach Porzingis some tricks.

Group C, Morocco and Egypt have the same strength Frederick Gaudreau Jersey. The first section, Morocco, 17-16 lead Egypt, but Egypt counterattacked in the second quarter, set a 6-point lead. At the end of the half, Egypt 34-28 ahead of Morocco, the third quarter, Egypt further opened the points difference to 52-42 lead into the distal. In the final section, Morocco took a break and scored 1: 47 seconds before the whistle to set an offensive success, but Egypt made a wave of 6-0 spurt to seal the victory.