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Terrorists Strike Against the Defenders at the GCCL Final
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:27:41 pm »
The never-ending war between the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists continued for a 10th season at Gamer.LK Clans Counter-Strike League! From the countless shots that was fired, the finale came down to the shootout between ZeGg vs PnX|HEROES. In a very close game, ZeGg managed to defeat HEROES to a 2-0 games score!

Before the big game, this is what Defiance (ZeGg) and HellScrm (HEROES) had to say about themselves and their opponents:

How many GCCL seasons have you played before?

We have quite a few well-known figures in the Counter Strike community in Sri-Lanka who are currently a part of ZeGg Esports and have participated in most of the GCCL seasons, but as of ZeGg Esports this is the first time we are playing GCCL under this name.

My first GCCL tournament was in Counter Strike 1.6. I'm not really sure how many I played then but I think it was around 3-4(in 1.6) and for CSGO I've participated 3 times including this year.

Where do you find yourself placed in the CSGO scene in Sri Lanka as of now?

ZeGg Esports was formed a month ago and GCCL is our first tournament as a team even though some of us have played together in the past so as of now according to the score lines of the matches we have played in GCCL we find ourselves as the best team in Sri Lanka, as we have not lost a single map to any team and have achieved the Grand-final spot through the upper-bracket.

I wasn't much active in participating in tournaments in Sri Lanka around 2013; I just played the game for fun. But then I got to play with the higher skilled players and since then I've played with them and against them. So as of right now I can say that I see my team in the top 2.

Does your team have a history with CS 1.6? Any former glory?

Not really, we emerged victorious once CS:GO was released and there after continued this play to win almost all the tournaments in Sri Lanka.

Yes, all of my teammates have started from CS 1.6. We've got players from Reservoir Dogs, Living Legends, Blood Money, Deadly Silent and Frag Influence. These were some reputed clans back in the day.

What was different about this season?

Well to be quite honest it’s just same players but different teams.

There were more teams than last time and GLK is more organized than before but there is always room for improvement.

Who are/were your challenging opponents?

Just before the team was made, we didn’t fear any team from Sri Lanka rather we made this team to play international tournaments together as we don’t need any strategies to play against any Sri Lankan team, our raw aim does the job for us. So according to us we do not get challenge from any Sri Lankan team as of right now, maybe in the future we might.

For this tournament, it's ZeGg Esports.

What is the current team’s roster and formation?


ZeGg current roster comprises of:-
Shakir ‘hikkaMS’ Razak
Geeshan ‘kucf’ Jayaraj
Omal ‘ROACH’ Prabuddha
Savidya ‘SAINT’ Fernando
Panduka ‘Reav’ Warnasooriya

Some of the above figures are very well-known in the counter strike community of Sri Lanka and have participated in International tournaments.

The current team's roster is:-
Bositha "Mystic" Fernando
Vinoth "N X R" Purushoth
Zayyaan "HeLLScrM" Ali
Muzakkir "Pita" Fahim
Ali "Taz" Hussain
Andrew "ShakerZ" Damien (Sub)

How would you compare your team against your finals opponents?

Well, there’s nothing much we can compare but all I can say is our players are way more experienced compared to some of our opponents, aim wise as well as skill wise. 

We've made some roster changes recently and we've changed some roles too. We are however adapting to our given roles. As for our opponent, they too have gone through some changes. After the roster change, we had little time to be fully prepared for the tournament so now we depend mostly on our individual performance but during this period we also tried to fix some huge mistakes and communication issues so it's going to be helpful in the long run.

Any hints on your strategy to win the season you can share with us?

We have no strategies for our upcoming match but we’ll definitely make it a memorable and exciting match for the audience.

Momentum in CSGO is very important. Losing one crucial round can end up losing the match. Also we've learnt our opponents' strengths and weaknesses so that can be helpful. At the end of the day we don't want to be overconfidence and underestimate our opponent. If nothing else works, we cyka blyat Rush B!

Any changes with the new updates/meta?

Not really.

There were so many minor updates for the games. It's nice to have updates but what we really need is an optimization update for the game. We've been expecting a major update from Valve for some time now and from what I hear there is going to be one soon. Gaben has promised us things. :D

Who do you think would win and why?

Not being biased but I definitely know that we have the upper hand in this final as we have already played our opponents once this season and won the series with a score of 2-0, so I think we have a better chance of doing it again this final.

HEROES, of course. We were saving our best strats for the finals. Haha! We are going to try our best no matter what happens. At the end of the day we just want to have a good game of Counter-Strike...and good luck to ZeGg Esports. May the best team win.

Both teams had high spirit and they lived up to what they said. The final was indeed a very intense match. Congratulations to ZeGg, the GCCL Season 10 Champions! Wishing ZeGg, HEROES, and all participants the best for their future matches, stay tuned for the latest updates of local CSGO action!

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