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« on: April 25, 2017, 08:19:24 pm »
 ::) guyz need a help of buying a projector , my main purpose of the projector is to watch movies ....  " suggestions will be highly appreciated "  (Y) :yes:
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bump ..........
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Check Classifieds - there's a chap selling one - for 90k though. Looks pretty good.
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Get Vivitek Qumi LED projector. around 60-70k. Portable and works with battery too
It's an android projector.
Can Cast videos to it and the best of all, you can get KODI app and install exodus.
Then you got your own free netflix projector.
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Don't get any chinese/generic projectors. Image quality and overall lifetime will suffer. Try to get a 720p projector at least. 1080p is ideal but more expensive. Optoma, Benq, LG and EPSON are your go tos. The Optoma selling here is a good choice too. Decide how big you want to project. The bigger the projected image the lower PPI, meaning image will be less sharp. Also the larger the projected image the brighter the projector will have to be. Use this website for a rough guide:


You will also need to invest in a good screen. It's useless having a good projector if you are using a wall. It really screws wit image quality. There are different types of screens too, with a range of prices and performance. The cheap Chinese ones that sold here are mediocre at best. Try DynamicAV or avs.lk for a decent one. They should also be able to help you out with the projector.
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