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Game Design & Dev Workshop #1
« on: April 16, 2016, 05:15:49 pm »

Games are a part of nearly everyone's life, from sports and card games to board games and digital games. Competitive eSports and gaming as industries continue to improve overseas with thousands of new games being released each year.

Sri Lanka has seen an influx of gamers over the past few years even though it is relatively young compared to our regional neighbours. It is in this light that we as Gamer.LK, would like to initiate and provide a platform to empower game developers, designers and enthusiasts to enhance their capabilities and endeavour in a successful life career in the industry.

Gamer.LK is the pioneer Sri Lankan gaming and e-Sports community established to bring together gamers of the country and promote e-Sports as a viable sport of the future in Sri Lanka. It was conceived in 2007 and has grown significantly over the years – now boasting a community of close to 20,000 members and hosts the largest e-Sports, Gaming and Digital Entertainment exhibitions in Sri Lanka.

We aim to use our unique position in the community towards successfully organizing our own local Game Developer Conference (GDC) in the near future. As a start, we will kick off with the first Game Design & Dev Workshop to be held alongside the University eSports Championship on 24 April at the BMICH Cinema.

We invite anyone (irrespective of age boundaries), who is interested in Game Design, Development or related fields to register. Registrations are absolutely free!

10:30 AM - Registration Opens
11:00 AM - Opening Remarks
11:15 AM - SESSION 1 - Introduction to Game Design (by Akila Sella Hennedige)
11:45 PM - SESSION 2 - Game Developer Experience (by Teague Gray)
12:15 PM - Speaker 3*
12:45 PM - Wrap Up

*Tentative and may change over the next few days


If you are unable to see the Registration Form below, click here for the direct link.