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Gamer.LK looking for CS:GO Referees
« on: August 12, 2016, 01:00:19 am »

Counter Strike 1.6 has been the oldest eSports title and game in Sri Lanka and with the introduction of Counter Strike:Global Offensive the legacy continues. CS:GO continues to be one of the fastest growing FPS shooter titles in the world and we at Gamer.LK wish to incorporate this growth in Sri Lanka.

Each passing month sees more and more new CS:GO players and we hope to start organizing regular CS:GO tournaments in Sri Lanka to promote the title even more so that it becomes as popular as its predecessor, Counter Strike 1.6.

Gamer.LK is currently looking for gamers who would like to become referees at future Gamer.LK and GLK partnered CS:GO tournaments. Applicants should be loyal, flexible and be able to work with whoever they are assigned to and be unbiased (no matter the clan or team) in their decisions and fair in their judgement. A sound knowledge of CS:GO is mandatory and the understanding of client variables, etc would be an added advantage.

Applicants who have been previously banned on any Gamer.LK Counter Strike server by any Gamer.LK Counter Strike referee for hacking and/or has had Steam VAC bans on previous accounts, etc should refrain from applying.

Responsibilities of referees include keeping any GLK CS:GO servers free from hackers and managing them during tournaments, coordinating with teams, ensuring that rules and regulations of the tournament are followed during the game, reporting of results/scores, etc.

In addition, referees will get the chance to work with the passionate crew behind Gamer.LK as they drive eSports in Sri Lanka to new heights.

This is your community. Help it grow. Apply now!

I want to apply to be a GLK CS:GO Community Referee