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Giving away in-game items and Steam 10$ card
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:34:32 am »
Hi everyone, its been a while. I decided to quit my job and work on an app that my friend came up with. 'Flicket' a mobile app that lets you see the nearby events, movies and makes the tickets available for you to purchase. We have almost done with the core design, anyway let me cut to the chase.
We are competing in the proximity.io competition to win 1000e against several teams in other countries. To win we need people to like our app, I tried facebook and all but couldn't go beyond 200, while other apps have around 800+. So I decided to giveaway my hard earned Dota ingame items and a 10$ steam cards to bank in more votes.

The procedure is simple, let me walk you down.

Enter Here

  • You will have to fill in this form, please add |gamerlk at the end of the Full name, this way I'll know the source I got the like from.

  • Click the vote button, it will take you to the competition page

  • Make that heart red and you will have a number, eg:281. Thats your draw number.

  • Thats its, you post that number in the field and press Continue

This is how you get into the draw. I will choose atleast 10 people from GamerLk to own my Dota2 Immortals and 2 people to own 10$ gift card.

For more details on our app - https://www.facebook.com/flicketapp

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