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The 2016 Global eSports Executive Summit will be held by The International eSports Federation (IeSF) and World Cyber Arena (WCA) in Shanghai, China from the 30th to the 31st of July during Chinajoy 2016 – the largest digital entertainment expo and conference in the nation.  120 officials from all over the world who are actively involved in the areas of eSports and traditional sports industry are invited to participate.

The International eSports Federation and World Cyber Arena is an annual event that is held to promote, discuss, and advance the existing conditions in eSports, and to produce common goals and results.  The summit will open the floor for discussions, to share ideas, and to voice concerns that exist in the global arena.

This year’s summit will engage representatives from each national eSports federation, along with eSports personalities, athletes, institutions, media, corporate representatives and members from international sports society. They will be involved in looking to the future to establish official global recognition, universal values, social responsibility in eSports, athletic welfare, and a clean eSports environment.

The five key panels the expertise will address the participants:
  • eSports, Road To Official Recognition
  • Good Causes, Universal Value And Social Responsibility In eSports
  • Athlete Welfare
  • Clean eSports Environment
  • What Is The Future Platform For eSports And How It Can Change Your Lives
Raveen Wijayatilake of Gamer.LK (InGame Entertainment) is invited to represent Sri Lanka for the first time in eSports at the 2016 Global eSports Executive Summit.

Gamer.LK is a platform by the gamers for the gamers that brings together all genres of gamers to one community to discuss, join, and change the face of gaming in Sri Lanka. Raveen began Gamer.LK in 2007 with the objective of building the eSports industry in Sri Lanka.  Gamer.LK also organises a number of eSports events throughout the year including Sri Lanka Cyber Games – the country’s largest eSports tournament bringing together thousands of athletes, and establishing a serious eSports sector in Sri Lanka.

By: Tia Goonaratna
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Re: Sri Lanka to participate in the 2016 Global eSports Executive Summit
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2016, 08:32:32 pm »
Finally a hope for us to unite under the Sri Lankan flag. Great News for Sri Lankan E-Sports community.