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We are pleased to officially announce the Gamer.LK Counter Strike: Global Offensive server, powered by Dialog Gaming! As the leading Internet Service Provider in the country, Dialog has reached yet another milestone by providing the necessary infrastructure and resources at their modern, high-speed data center for a low-latency optimum gaming experience on their servers. 

The current server is a 15 slot Death Match server and we will continue to improve it as we go on. We also plan to run different versions in future servers. We welcome your suggestions and comments as well. The server admins for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive GLK Server will be the GLK CS:GO Referees. You can find a list of them on our Contact Us page.

Server IP: csgo.gamer.lk:27015

If this is going to be a DM server, just keep de_dust2 as the map.
Make it FFA and have HSMOD only.

Hope to see some players. :)
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Server is not updated.
>>>>^^ BeAT IT! ^^<<<<
no one is ever on this server
Such destruction, much waste, such wow , console is better than pc
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Its just that many of us play faceit or MM, and there are so many workshop maps that you can practice on, no one bothers playing in the server.
Also because of the official Steam servers by Valve, players just warmup with playing DM and then go to MM. Also playing in those servers increases your Private Rank.
I've gone to other community servers and copy paste the ip in All chat to give everyone the ip but still they don't come. :(
And then there's the ranking system, so no one(players in higher ranks) would like to play with silvers or gold novas instead they play with players on the same rank or closer to their one.

Nowadays I've seen servers with mods(Surf, Zombie, Jail, Deathmatch, HSMOD DM, Pistol DM, scoutknives, 1v1 Arena) having lots of players than a community casual server.

- And honey you should see me in a crown... - Jim Moriarty

Very True, this server gives players no 'incentive' to play.
I remember back in the day when I used to play on the Gamer.lk CS 1.6 server. The 'incentives' in this case for me was as follows:
  • Being able to play with fellow Sri Lankan's.
  • The banter on voice chat.
  • RTV!
  • The awesome admins and pro plays.
  • The speed hackers getting trolled by the admins.
  • Improving your K/D on Gametracker.
  • There was a rumor that if you get 2000 kills your eligible for admin.
  • The crazy spray paintings
  • Aim Maps in the morning
  • And last but not the least.... fy_pool_day!

I hope this gives the server management some ideas  (Y)

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Yep, I guess the server requires a different gamemode. Just like HellScrM suggested.
>>>>^^ BeAT IT! ^^<<<<