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This is to update the GLK COD4 server. It will be update soon.  (Y)
It will also help the players with pb issues to play promod. 

Just place the files inside this zip file into your cod4 folder and let overwrite mss32.dll
Running "cod4x-uninstall.exe" will undo this modifications.
Anyone has old and complete changelogs by any chance? I don't have.

Download Link --> http://www.mediafire.com/download/ikwi492g04ml6rh/cod4x18_v15client.zip

How to install it?
#1 Extract the cod4xclient-vXX.zip file to CoD4 install dir.
#2 Enter the extracted folder and run install.cmd. In many cases you have to rightclick
install.cmd and run as admin (especially if you have installed cod4 to C:\Program Files)

How to uninstall it?
#1 Make sure mss32.dll is larger than 500kbyte. Delete mss32.dll. (keep a backup maybe )
#2 Rename miles32.dll into mss32.dll

If you run in to any error, Install Steam and then open cod4
Steam Download --> http://store.steampowered.com/about/

If you did install it within CoD4 also the following way could be possible for uninstall:
#1 Run cod4xuninstall.exe you have extracted to your CoD4 dir.
#2 Delete cod4xuninstall.exe once removal is complete.

?th (Let's name it 30th)update on 22th November(15.0)
-> Always doing a full renderer restart now again to prevent most prior issues from happening like unpredicted error: exceeded 1000 XModel assets. However it will not restart Direct3D.
-> Crash reporter build in (http://crashrpt.sourceforge.net/). This should help to discover sources for crashing CoD4.
-> Steam will show now a proper name of game in friendlist. (Thanks to NTAuthority's code he wrote for his project citizenmp I got knowledge how to do it. Also thanks Richard who shown me that)

*The following requires new server*:
-> Long playernames are now possible with 32 characters. However unfortunately no unicode
-> Extra option for displaying a clan tag in front of your name like you know it from CS:GO. Atm. only accessible from the built in cvar "clan". Also this feature requires Steam and a Steam group you have joined. (Again no unicode)
-> Some measures to kill many existing cheats.

Changelog which is incomplete (thanks Bloody):
23th update on 19th May (11.2)
-> Changing windowcolor of CoD4 window from grey to black
-> Loadscreen is now shown after download

22th update on 16th May (11.1)
-> Workaround for a crash in physics code - not sure if this is going to work
-> Made the game binaryplanting proof - it is highly recommended if you play downloaded demos by a double click to update it.

21th update on 14th May (11.0)
-> Bug fix for sound not playing as the user Synd has reported
-> Addressing the issue of minimap not showing up after the game has started
-> Changing protocol version to 11

20th update on 5th May (10.0) - This was kinda withdrawn after discovering a bug. You most likely don't know it:
-> Update dialog will open so user can confirm or cancel an update on attempt to join a server with newer version.
-> Placing URL of this site on start-screen
-> Changing protocol version to 10

19th update on 30th April (9.8):
-> No complete vid_restart when joining servers, changing mods or changing maps. (This need to be extensive tested to know)
-> Removed r_noborder cvar. If you use window mode in native monitor resolution it will center now automatically the window.
-> Some weak and new method for authentication
-> Resolved some bugs which happened with a multiple monitor setup with screens which had different specs. (hopefully no new made bugs)
-> Fixed prior introduced bug "unexpected www-download message"

18th update on 6th April (9.7):
-> Writing and storing 32Bit serverId on 1.8 type servers
17th update on 2nd April:
-> Removing that strange PunkBuster error message
-> You can now join other people via Steam - unfortunately only when you have bought CoD4 in Steam.
Otherwise you can still only "view gameinfo" and copy the server address.
16th update on 1st April:
-> Fixing a recently generated crash bug which can happen randomly on startup.
-> Fixing at one point broken voice chat functionality
15th update on 29th March:
-> This is hopefully a full fix for Nvidia's "nvd3d9wrap.dll" crasher.
(Again thank you PureTryOut for sharing your computer with me)

14th up to 16th update on 23th March:
-> Fixing bugs with www-download in cod4x1.8 servers
-> Poor work around for a crash caused by Nvidia's "nvd3d9wrap.dll" in combination with Steam overlay.
(Thank you PureTryOut for sharing your computer with me)
Edit: It is fixed only partially. It will still crash when running Xfire or similar

13th update on 17th March:
-> using Activision's serverlist again
-> Added Steamworks stuff
-> Allows to verify and continue corrupted downloads when downloading from server. However this is still at very low speed.
-> Changed autoupdater - it is now more secure as it requires to have the update publisher the right rsa-key.

12th update on 4th January:
-> Using our own serverlist since Activision's masterserver is still down
(I don't put this update onto updateserver as I'm lazy today)

11th update on 19th December:
-> Possible fix for crash on receiving of voice data from another player
-> Fix a bug introduced in last update which resulted into lost reliable messages.

10th update on 19th December:
-> Changed protocol version from 7 to 8
-> Fixed a bug which resulted in crash on soundsystem restart.
-> Resending unacknowledged reliable messages not inside every packet.

9th update on 16th December:
-> Fix for a bug which let the game crash when choosing optimal settings from option menu
-> Fix for a bug about a not found custom map loadscreen file
-> Fix for a bug with not reloaded config
-> Added installer support for the case of downloading this update via a gameserver (future use)
-> Added negotiation for xasset count (future use)
-> Added some other protocol changes for CoD4X18 (future use)

8th update on 20th September:
-> Fix a bug introduced in prior update which caused some elements of scoreboard not to be centered.
-> Sending to server current version in connect packet.

7th update on 19th September:
-> Added automatic centering of the window if game runs in windowed mode without a border.
-> Scoreboard show now the currently active server map

6th update on 15th September:
-> Sometimes DirectX reports 512k audiodevices and this resulted in a black screen. If this is the case it will read this as 0 deviced.
-> Userprofiles getting now stored into the AppData\Local\CallofDuty4MW\players directory on Windows7. Prior usersettings/stats are now handled as read only and won't get destroyed.
-> Fixed a bug which resulted in totally corrupted rcon when using CoD4X client
-> New cvar r_noborder added. Setting r_noborder=1 and r_fullscreen=0 results in a window without the borders.

5th update on 3rd August:
-> Linking .dm_1 files with CoD4. Demos can be played now with a doubleclick on this filetype
-> Playing demos located into main/demos load now like they are supposed to work (no mod needed)
-> Implementing the protocol cod4. For example cod4://iceops.in:28961 is now a valid url for connecting
-> Doesn't raise an error in the event an invalid sampler get used. It will just print to console instead.

4th update on 14th July - build 7.4 (Manual Update is required):
-> Fix for not properly stored CDKEYs
-> Fix for improper www-download request

3rd update on 14th July:
-> Fix for autoupdater

2nd update on 5th July:
-> Fix for the ALT-Key bug
-> Fix for selecting playerprofile twice
-> Hide servers which promoting more than 64 players/slots
-> Build version string which is seen atm. in lower right corner will change now in order to prevent more confusion about which version is really active.

1st update on 25th June:
-> Displaying numbers of players above 128 players properly in ingame server browser
-> Modified update facility a bit so that a hash compare of downloaded files can be done
-> Repaired an issue with the internal updater facility
-> Modifications should now disable them self when running other programs needing mss32.dll like mp_tool.exe
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Re: COD4 Client update. COD4X1.8 (The server will also be updated soon.)
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sometimes having input issues after updating.right click,shift doesnt works,player runs only with w key.(fixing after a restart. )

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Re: COD4 Client update. COD4X1.8 (The server will also be updated soon.)
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Re: COD4 Client update. COD4X1.8 (The server will also be updated soon.)
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GLK do no want to run it :3  (N) (N) (N)
Re: COD4 Client update. COD4X1.8 (The server will also be updated soon.)
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make me an admin plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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Re: COD4 Client update. COD4X1.8 (The server will also be updated soon.)
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How to Install COD4x(1.8) Correctly - Sinhala Tutorial