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Gamer.LK looking for Dota 2 Referees
« on: January 11, 2016, 09:06:19 pm »

2016 is upon us and we already have the first Ranked Dota 2 tournament already announced. Dota 2 has clearly been the fastest growing game in Sri Lanka and with each new tournament, the number of teams registering keeps increasing.

We are thrilled that the Dota 2 community is continuing to expand and improve. The driving force towards this improvement has been the staff members (referees and shoutcasters) of GLK who have continued their determined efforts throughout the years. With the new year and a brand new set of events lined up, it is time for us to expand our staff ranks as well.

Gamer.LK is currently looking for gamers who would like to become referees at future Gamer.LK and GLK partnered Dota 2 tournaments. Applicants should be loyal, flexible and be able to work with whoever they are assigned to.

Responsibilities of referees include coordinating with teams, hosting of online lobbies for matches, ensuring that rules and regulations of the tournament are followed during the game, reporting of results/scores, etc.

In addition, referees will get the chance to work with the passionate crew behind Gamer.LK as they drive eSports in Sri Lanka to new heights.

This is your community. Help it grow. Apply now!

I want to apply to be a GLK DOTA 2 Referee