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SLT eSports Championship : CS:GO Teams Profiles
« on: November 20, 2015, 02:36:57 am »
The following CS:GO Teams have been registered for SLT eSports Championship.

All team captains please check your team rosters and if there are any changes please email it to [email protected] and submit them before 9.00 PM today. Requests via any other platform (Facebook Chat, Steam, the forum personal message) will be ignored.

Gamer.LK Ranked | CS:Global Offensive Competitive Rules

4.5. - VAC Bans
Any player who has been caught cheating by the game publisher's anti-cheat system (Valve Anti-Cheat) in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after September 2015, is not eligible to participate in any Gamer.LK Ranked CS:GO tournaments thereafter. Players switching Steam Accounts will also be tracked and in future any linked accounts being VAC-banned will still result in this penalty. Impersonating and misleading Organizers or Tournament Staff to bypass this rule is in itself against these rules and will result in an immediate ban from all Gamer.LK Ranked CS:GO tournaments.

CS:GO Teams Profiles - Ranked List 01

Team Name : Furieux.x3
Team Tag : Furieux.X3

Team Name : X3 - Crack-Smoking Monkeys
Team Tag : X3 - CSM

Team Name : Verygames
Team Tag : VG

Team Name : PnX|HEROES.MSI
Team Tag : HEROES

Team Name : PnX|Encore
Team Tag : PnX|Encore

Team Name : Young Rangers
Team Tag : Fire 2

Team Name : FragFactory - AlienFraggers.Net
Team Tag : [AF.FF]

Team Name : Adrenaline /2ush
Team Tag : /| Rush

Team Name : Amazing Warriors
Team Tag : SLT

Team Name : Brisingr
Team Tag : BGR

Team Name : CyborgX
Team Tag : CybX

Team Name : GeT_RekT
Team Tag : GeT_||

Team Name : Netflix
Team Tag : NTX

Team Name : Raider
Team Tag : R-R

Team Tag : SKCR

Team Name : Soul Killer Mutants
Team Tag : SK Mutants

Team Name : Team Apex
Team Tag : TA

Team Name : Team Gotukola
Team Tag : T[G]K ||

Team Name : Team Immortalz
Team Tag : MorTaLSz

Team Name : Team Trolls
Team Tag : Te'Tro

Team Name : TM Syndicate
Team Tag : Syndic@te