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X3 Rascals
tag - X3 Rascals

tag - PnX.HEROES

Time: 8.00 PM
Date: 10-10-2015
Map: Best of 3 Cache, Train, Cobblestone

10.2.2. - Best-of-Three Matches
In case of Best-of-Three matches, both teams remove one map alternatively, after that each team will pick one map. The team with the lower seeding has to start to remove the first map. To decide the last maps both teams once again remove one map alternatively, the last map will be used as third map if needed. A kniferound will be played to decide
starting sides on all maps.

10.10.1. - Mandatory Demo Recording.
All players must record point of view demos of the entire match.

Gamer.LK Ranked | CS:Global Offensive Competitive Rules

Server: Gamer.LK Match Server 01 | Powered by Dialog Axiata
GOTV: gotv.gamer.lk:27020


Cache: Final Score 16-10 (fh:11-4 to PnX.HEROES)
Train: Final Score 16-10 (fh:9-6 to X3 Rascals)
Cobblestone: Final Score 16-8 (fh:9-5 to X3 Rascals)